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January 3, 2016

Today’s Music News: Tommy Lee gets stuck on roller coaster during Mötley Crüe’s last show

On New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles, Mötley Crüe played what was billed as their final show ever — and it included an awkward moment for drummer Tommy Lee. As midnight approached, a roller coaster built to carry Lee and his drum kit high above the crowd got stuck, leaving Lee suspended upside down. The surprised drummer eventually climbed down the roller […]

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My Top 89: The music and moments that defined my 2015

Time has a funny way of providing us with perspectives we didn’t even know we needed, like a telephoto lens slowly zooming outward until the entire picture comes into view. Water droplets may look like tears when their big fat beads are streaking across our entire view, but if we take a step back we […]

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