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Music News: Martin Shkreli threatens to destroy $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album

Martin Shkreli, being arrested on charges of securities fraud in December (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Indicted pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli has finally listened to Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the edition-of-one Wu-Tang Clan album he paid $2 million for. “It’s definitely better than their last album,” says Vice writer Allie Conti, who heard the album playing in the background during an interview with Shkreli. For his part, Shkreli “vacillates between wanting to destroy the record and dreaming of installing it in some remote place so that people have to make a spiritual quest to listen.” (Pitchfork)

Kanye West spent Wednesday afternoon tweeting shade at Wiz Khalifa after the “See You Again” hitmaker tweeted some sentiments Kanye perceived as hostile. West later deleted many of the tweets, “cause it’s all about positive energy blessings blessings positive energy blessings.” (BuzzFeed)

Bono has written a very Bono tribute to David Bowie: “He was so vivid. So luminous. So fluorescent. The sky is darker without him.” The two shared an important collaborator in Brian Eno, and Bono says that Bowie came to visit U2 when they were recording Achtung Baby in Berlin. Bono also says Bowie took his daughter to see the much-reviled musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — with music written by Bono and the Edge — and Bowie then “sent me the reasons he didn’t like it.” (Rolling Stone)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have announced 14 new dates on their tour featuring Springsteen’s recently-reissued album The River, and scheduled a new date for a Madison Square Garden show they had to cancel due to the recent east coast snowstorm. (Rolling Stone) The tour comes to the Xcel Energy Center on Feb. 29.

An upcoming British TV special will dramatize a road trip that Michael JacksonElizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando supposedly took together when airplanes were grounded in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Jackson will be played by Shakespeare in Love star Joseph Fiennes, Taylor will be played by Stockard Channing, and Brian Cox will be Brando. (Billboard)

Super Bowl contenders the Carolina Panthers have been “Creedbombing” each other in the locker room — that is, sneaking up on each other and shouting Creed lyrics. How does former frontman Scott Stapp feel about the Panthers’ little game? He loves it. A Panthers fan, Stapp thinks the game is “so cool” and says that his own bandmates in his current band have started Creedbombing him. “I think it’s awesome,” says Stapp about having his own lyrics yelled in his face. “I see the humor in it.” (Rolling Stone)

James Corden convinced Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES to share her impression of Cher singing her pioneering AutoTune hit “Believe.” (Billboard)

And now…updates from the political sphere. First, the news that Red Hot Chili Peppers will headline a Feb. 5 benefit for Bernie Sanders in Detroit. All four Peppers have publicly endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate. (Rolling Stone)

Minneapolis group General B and the Wiz returned to their alma mater — Luther College in Decorah, Iowa — on Tuesday morning to open for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The band’s Seth Duin tells City Pages that “the most shocking part was when she came out and thanked everyone for coming out, then looked at us and said, ‘And thank you to General B and The Wiz.’ So, if people are wondering if she is a smart candidate, she was able to remember one of the dumbest band names.”

Next, a guy who thinks he’s found the perfect way to insult Republican candidate Ted Cruz. If this sign is also meant as an insult to Nickelback, the band members seem to have a sense of humor about it. (Consequence of Sound)

Finally, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee‘s Iowa-themed tribute to Adele — with a Beatles reference tossed in for good measure. (Rolling Stone)

(Anyone remember in 1984, when Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan inspired dueling parodies of Ray Parker Jr.‘s Ghostbusters theme? Because that totally happened.)