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Paisley Park announces dance party for tonight

A snow angel outside Paisley Park on Thursday night (Photo by Andrea Swensson/MPR)

After last night’s show featuring Larry Graham and Pho, Prince tweeted a cryptic teaser: “LOOKING4WARD 2 C-ING EVERYONE 4 THE FINAL NIGHT….WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: PARTY TOE FUTURE.”

Details — albeit scant — regarding this event have now been shared, thrice, via the Paisley Park After Dark Facebook page. A first post reads: “We get to have more fun tonight! Don’t miss it! 9pm doors.” A second: “TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! PPAD DANCE PARTY!! Come on out and DANCE the night away @ Paisley Park! Hope to see you there!” A third: “$25 @ the door. PPAD DANCE PARTY! Doors open @ 9pm. Don’t miss out!!”

This looks like an event squarely in the mode Prince has been hosting at his Chanhassen headquarters over the past couple of years. What does “dance party” mean? Well, it means there will be music. A DJ? A band? The Purple One himself? Anything can happen.

This makes the third event in what Paisley Park has referred to as a “gala weekend.” Read Andrea Swensson’s recap of Prince’s solo piano concert on Thursday night, and Youa Vang’s take on last night’s Graham Central Station show.

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