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Prince announces ‘gala event’ at Paisley Park on Jan. 21, releases additional walk-up tickets

In recent days on Twitter, Prince has been dropping teasing mentions of something happening on Jan. 21. Now, his plans have been revealed: he’s hosting a “gala event” at Paisley Park, with “music” promised — apparently a preview of his postponed Piano & a Microphone tour.

Prince’s Piano & a Microphone tour — with Prince performing solo at the keyboard — was originally planned to take place this fall in cities across Europe. Ticket sales were first postponed due to concern over exploitation by ticket resellers, and then the entire tour was postponed until further notice in the wake of the Paris attacks.

On Jan. 21, a Paisley Park audience may get a glimpse of what was planned for that tour. The mention of a “gala event” is intriguing, as is the fact that this show is being announced with much more advance notice than the average Paisley Park event.

Update 1/18: Advance tickets for two performances on Jan. 21 have gone on sale — and sold out. Prince has also shared a video that shows Paisley Park being prepared for the solo shows.

Update 1/20: Just in from Paisley Park!

100 general admission tickets for the 8:00 and 11:00 shows tomorrow will be released exclusively tomorrow as walk-ups, first-come first-served. All of these tickets will be $150, and each will come with a CD of Prince’s new album HITNRUN Phase 2.

Ticket sales will be made available exclusively from the Paisley Park will call set up at 650 SW Village Transit Station, Chanhassen, Minn., 55317. Sales will begin at 3 p.m. sharp on Thursday.

Ticket buyers for the 8 p.m. show will be asked to park at the transit station for the show; parking for the 11 p.m. show will be at another location, which will be announced at the time of purchase. Shuttle buses will take attendees from parking stations to Paisley Park.

Additional details:

  1. Cash sales only
  2. Tickets $150 include CD
  3. One (1) ticket per person
  4. First 100 tickets are for the 8:00 p.m. show only, second 100 tickets are for the 11:00 p.m. show
  5. All sales final, non-transferable and non refundable
  6. Wristbands will not be replaced if lost or damaged

A Friday night show, featuring Graham Central Station, has also been announced.

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  • Richard Redding


  • GoodFoodFox

    I do believe this gala is tied in with some charity.

  • Laurent Calhoun

    I’d like to come from France but still need to know more about show details (tix prices, possible guests… ) and also if it’s going to be a 1-night event only or if we can expect a “residency” at Paisley Park all over the next months since it was announced in a earlier tweet. Then we may be more prepared financially and be better organized.

    • Ty Anderson

      Hopefully this is the start of the Piano tour he was going to start in Europe

    • This is all the information we have at this time, Laurent. We’ll post updates if/as we receive them — and you can sign up for our Purple Alerts to stay posted! http://info.americanpublicmediagroup.org/LP=1009

  • I hope there is a livestream, or somethang 4 us less 4tunate 2 make it…

  • RadioDazed

    I’d like to see Prince do all new songs at the piano rather than just ‘reworkings’ of his songs. It would also be great to see him add bits and pieces of musical classics by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and even Scott Joplin, and Art Tatum for example. ‘The pop song’ should probably evolve….

  • 25%

    There’s no way I’d book a flight to Minnesota to see Prince. He is too unreliable and he has a track record of being less than respectful of his fans’ time and money.

  • Lesley

    The construction and remodeling looks really nice. It’s bigger inside then I thought. I wish I had enough money & resources to go. I would like to stay and visit Minneapolis for awhile. I went some years ago to the Mall of America area, it was nice. Very sweet of Prince to open concert hall for the fans.