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Ask a Cool Person: Brenda Peters, entertainment manager at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Photo by Andrea Swensson/MPR

Each week on the Local Show, we’ll meet a new person from the Minnesota music community who has some fresh discoveries to share in a feature called “Ask a Cool Person.” These people will come from all corners of the scene, including record store clerks, recording studio engineers and producers, artists, writers, bookers, photographers, and fans.

This week’s “Cool Person” is Brenda Peters, the entertainment manager at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St. Paul.

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How do you discover new music?

I read a lot of blogs. A lot of my friends know what I like, so they send stuff my way. A lot of times it’ll be, when bands want to have a show at the bar, they’ll put together a bill. Which is kind of a fun new thing. There’s so much music to wade through, it’s nice when something comes to you.

That’s why I wanted to do this feature! It helps me to discover stuff. You’ve brought three songs in, and one of these people actually works at the Current. Tell me about why you chose the Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra.

Well, it’s about the closest thing I get now to Big Trouble, which is one of my favorite local acts. I also love Ashley Gold, so this is one of my favorite songs off the record.

You also brought in some classic Lookbook?

Yes! I kind of secretly hoped that if we played it they would do a reunion show.

And this last one is a new artist; tell me about Morly.

I don’t know much about her at all, actually. I discovered her through Stereogum and fell in love with this track!

Find out more about Brenda and her work at Amsterdam by following the venue on Facebook, Twitter, and their website, amsterdambarandhall.com.