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Ben Lubeck, Anna Schulze, Ex Viking: This week’s Minnesota music releases

Ben Lubeck: Rented Rooms

Farewell Milwaukee frontman Ben Lubeck is stepping into the solo spotlight with his passionate and soulful new album Rented Rooms, a collection he describes as a “love letter” to his father, with whom Lubeck says he has a “complicated relationship” that the singer-songwriter is temporarily “taking a break” from. Listen to Lubeck’s conversation with Andrea Swensson on a recent episode of The Current’s Local Show (interview starts at about the 38-minute mark). Lubeck will play an album release show on Thursday at the Turf Club, with support from Mary Bue and Silverback Colony — and, rumor has it, St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman as the city kicks of a special year of music.

Anna Schulze: Pickford Market

After growing up in Minnesota, in 2010 Anna Schulze headed west, where she currently makes her home in the City of Angels. Her work has won praise from collaborator Glen Ballard, and when the man who produced Jagged Little Pill tells you to take a listen, it’s best to heed that heads-up. Schulze has a string of Golden State dates booked as she releases her new pop-rock album Pickford Market on Thursday, but maybe one of these days we’ll get a hometown show.

Ex Viking: Sad Metal

Also don’t hold your breath for any local shows by Ex Viking. Although they’re based in Minneapolis, they tell us they’re “a reclusive vampire rock band” who “have never appeared in public.” Their album Sad Metal is out now on Bandcamp and is due to drop on cassette on — of course — Valentine’s Day.