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Listen to a new Jayhawks song, ‘Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces’

Gary Louris in The Current's studios. Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR.

The Jayhawks have announced a new album: Paging Mr. Proust will be released on April 29. “Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces” will appear on that album, which was produced by frontman Gary Louris with Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Tucker Martine.

  1. Listen The Jayhawks – Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces

“I just got drawn back into realizing how much I love being in the band,” Louris says about his decision to reconvene the Minnesota alt-country greats. “We spent months in our practice space jamming and going over the new songs,” he says, before bringing them to Buck and Martine for a Portland recording session.

Hear Paging Mr. Proust opening track “Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces” above, and below, listen to Louris’s complete interview with Sean McPherson and Jade.

  1. Listen Gary Louris talks with Sean McPherson and Jade

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