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March 10, 2016

Music News: ‘Damn, Daniel’ kids cameo in new Weezer video

IRL California kids Joshua Holz and Daniel Lara — the filmmaker and star of the viral “Damn, Daniel” clips — make a cameo at the end of the new Weezer video, “California Kids.” (Billboard) Glen Perkins Saved My Life Tonight (or, The Pitch Is Back) Elton John’s tour manager DC Parmet is a big Minnesota Twins fan — so when […]

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A Piano In Every Home cover time and space on ‘North American Review’

Travis Erickson and Jake Pavek, the founding members of A Piano In Every Home, are a good match. The band’s vocalist/guitarist, Erickson, is outgoing — a clever storyteller, always ready with a sharp metaphor. Meanwhile, Pavek (piano) settles back into conversation, usually comfortable to listen. The two have been friends since they were 12. Just a few years […]

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