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Friday Five: Christopher David Hanson Band, KPT, and more new Minnesota music videos

Christopher David Hanson Band: “Basket of Bones”

This slab of blooze from Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region comes with a cute video by Minneapolis filmmaker Mercies May, who puts a supernatural spin on the idea that opposites attract. The Christopher David Hanson Band play tonight and tomorrow at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen.

John David & the Jerks: “I’ll Die of Grief”

“I’ll Die of Grief” might be what you thought when snow started falling earlier this week, so it’s appropriate that the new video from John David & the Jerks takes us through a rapid-fire tour of Minneapolis during a snowstorm.

Joey Ryan & the Inks: “Winter Grey”

Let’s just get all the winter weather out of the way at once. Of course, Joey Ryan and his trusty Inks see the snow through rainbow-tinted specs in Caleb Genheimer’s new clip for “Winter Grey,” a track from their forthcoming album Young Afternoon. The band will celebrate the album’s release with a show at the Turf Club on May 7, and in the meantime, Ryan’s playing a solo gig on April 20 at the 318 Cafe in Excelsior.

Martin Devaney: “House Off the Beaten Path”

Capital City Night Mayor Martin Devaney has launched a new series of videos in which he’ll be “playing songs from his back catalog at various St. Paul locations that have some historical or personal significance.” First up is Devaney’s own basement, where he plays West End cut “House Off the Beaten Path.” Devaney’s working on his seventh studio album, and tomorrow night he’ll be at the Summit Beer Hall where you can hear him play as you sip your EPA.

KPT featuring Gus Watkins: “Revol”

We’re pleased to premiere “Revol,” a new video from local electronic artist KPT. The scene where the clip unfolds suggests how things might have looked if the first date in the “Basket of Bones” video had gone terribly wrong. The macabre sights are an apt match for this turbulent track from KPT ALIVE BY MACHINES. Duluthians, get ready: KPT is coming your way for an April 15 show at the Red Herring and a Record Store Day performance at the Electric Fetus.