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Friday Five: Dusty Heart, Mason Jennings, and more new Minnesota music videos

Dusty Heart: “The Skipper and His Wife”

Dusty Heart is the duo of Barbara Jean and Molly Dean. Presumably “Jean and Dean” was just too cute a name even for this enormously appealing duo, who hopped in a Lutsen ski gondola for this cover of Spider John Koerner’s “The Skipper and His Wife.” If you like watching local musicians do their stuff in ski hats, check out more Gondola Sessions featuring artists including Dessa, Chastity Brown, and Communist Daughter. Dusty Heart will be at the Cedar on April 1, on a bill with Jeffrey Foucault.

Mason Jennings: “Two Dollar Man”

Mason Jennings’s rip-roaring “Two Dollar Man,” from his new album Wild Dark Metal, becomes the soundtrack for some gnarly moves in its official video, directed by L.A. thrash documentarian Wing Ko.

The Honeydogs: “Arguing with Fiction”

Whet your appetite for the forthcoming Honeydogs album Love and Cannibalism with this animated clip for single “Arguing with Fiction.”

Prof: “Gasoline”

Life on the road with Prof turns out to be full of all the shenanigans you’d expect in this obviously NSFW video for Liability track “Gasoline.”

Christopher Michael Jensen: “Somewhere Outside”

Not to be confused with the other CMJ, Christopher Michael Jensen is a Minneapolis rapper who’ll be opening for P.O.S at Icehouse on April 3. The video for his song “Somewhere Outside” is an absorbing animated collage that Jensen wanders through like a lost soul.