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Music News: Minnesotans totally fooled by hoax about Justin Bieber moving to Minnetonka

Justin Bieber. Not pictured, and in fact nowhere remotely near him nor possibly even known by him at all: Lake Minnetonka. (VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

When Minnesotans read that Justin Bieber was planning to buy a house on Lake Minnetonka, they flipped out. “I love the idea of having a house on a lake and the scenery at Lake Minnetonka is just so beautiful,” the pop star was quoted as saying, in an article that was widely shared by locals who were excited at the prospect of seeing Bieber scoot by on a Jet Ski. It all turned out to be a hoax, though: those who read the fine print learned that the website MBY News is a satire publication. (FOX 9) Of course, it’s hard to blame people for wanting to believe: after all, the story about Sisqó living in Maple Grove turned out to be totally true.

The List is out

The organizers of Record Store Day have shared the list of exclusive releases that will be available for this year’s event on April 16. Among the prizes that collectors can queue for: a Bob Dylan EP containing four tracks from his forthcoming EP, a reissued Madonna greatest hits collection from 1984, and a live album containing the Doors‘ first-ever performance. (Rolling Stone)

Janet Jackson European tour canceled

Janet Jackson has canceled a series of European tour dates that were previously simply postponed due to surgery Jackson needs to undergo. A U.S. tour that begins June 24 is still on. Jackson hasn’t revealed the reason she requires surgery, but has said it’s not cancer. (Billboard)

News that’s sort of about Nas but not really

The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. has announced that Q-Tip will be its first-ever creative director for hip-hop culture. “The history of hip-hop and its development as an art form, and the complexity and importance of its impact on the arts landscape driving social and cultural awareness, has inspired us to have a more formal connection with our ongoing programming,” said the president of Kennedy Center, which recently hosted performances by Kendrick Lamar and Nas. (Mashable)

Speaking of Nas, he’s invested in a startup company that plans to make energy bars out of crickets. The company, Exo, is drumming up support via t-shirts that read “Crickets Are the Gateway Bug” and “Crickets Are the New Kale.” (Billboard)

A music legend is silenced

Rolling Stone reports that Glen Campbell is now in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and is no longer able to communicate. The country icon shared his story via the acclaimed 2014 documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.

Best Kickstarter reward ever?

Alex Winter — an actor and filmmaker (you might remember him as Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) — has launched a Kickstarter to finance a documentary about Frank Zappa as well as to preserve the late music maverick’s massive archive. Among the rewards for backers: Zappa’s family home in Los Angeles, available to backers at the $9 million level. (New York Times)

CSNY beef grows

The list of David Crosby’s enemies is growing. Crosby previously alienated former bandmate Neil Young, and now even Graham Nash is peeved at Crosby. “There will never be another Crosby, Stills and Nash record or show,” Nash says. “He’s been awful for me the last two years.” (Rolling Stone)

Tupac notebooks going to auction

Three notebooks used by the late Tupac Shakur are headed to online auction. The notebooks, which contain lyrics to songs including “Point the Finga” and “Easy Being Me,” could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars given that a collection of letters from Shakur were recently valued at $225,000. (Billboard)

gOoGlE celebrates iNtErNaTiOnAl wOmEn’S dAy

Merrill Garbus (tUnE-yArDs) contributed original music to a Google Doodle celebrating International Women’s Day on Tuesday. (Pitchfork)