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Tess Weinberg of Murder Shoes: Local Current’s March DJ in Residence

Tess Weinberg in The Current's studios. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

Since last May, The Current has been inviting local musicians to take over our all-Minnesota music stream to talk about the local music scene and share tracks from their favorite local artists. So far, the roster for Local Current’s DJ in Residence has included Reina del Cid, Martin Devaney, Sophia Eris, Mark Mallman, Eric Mayson, and many others. Taking the reins in March will be Tess Weinberg of the band Murder Shoes.

Weinberg hails from the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis and has garnered an impressive musical resume. During her years at the University of Minnesota, she volunteered at Radio K and forged many important local relationships that led to the opportunity to sing back up for Lizzo and the Larva Ink. Weinberg went on to form Seyah, a collaboration with Nicholas Larkin Perez (AKA Perez.), a local producer a member of the TGNP family.

Now, Weinberg is the frontwoman and songwriter for local indie rock band Murder Shoes. This group have three albums under their belt and have toured extensively, including a residency at Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis.

“I am honored to be March’s Local Current Resident DJ! What a cool way to explore and celebrate the music of Minnesota’s past and present,” said Weinberg. “I loved DJing at my college radio station and I’m thrilled to give it another go.”

Spend your Friday afternoons delving deep into the Minnesota music scene with Tess Weinberg: every Friday in March from noon until 6:00 p.m. on Local Current.

Local Current’s DJ in Residence project is supported by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.