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Court document: Prince did not leave a will, has six potential heirs

Law enforcement outside Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minn. April 21, 2016 (Nate Ryan/MPR)

This morning, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson filed a document with the Carver County District Court stating that the late music legend did not leave a will. The document, a petition to appoint a special administrator of Prince’s estate, lists six surviving members of his immediate family, as well as one predeceased half-sister.

Tyka Nelson, 55, is Prince’s only full sibling and, under the filing, would be the executor of his estate. Surviving half-siblings include John Nelson, Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Alfred Jackson, and Omar Baker. All are potential heirs. Half-sister Lorna Nelson passed before Prince’s death. Duane Nelson, a half-brother who died in 2013, is not listed in the filing.

The petition asks the court to appoint Bremer Bank, which “has provided financial services to the Decedent for a number of years and has knowledge of his personal financial and business financial affairs,” as administrator of the singer’s estate. According to the petition, the extent of Prince’s assets is unknown.

Read the court filing here, via MPR News. Since Prince’s death last week at age 57, speculation has ranged widely regarding what provisions he might or might not have left for his estate — the most valuable part of which is his tremendous song catalog and the ownership of his music recordings. In the absence of a will, Prince’s assets will likely be distributed among his siblings, half-siblings included.

According to statements made yesterday by those close to Prince, his family is planning to turn Paisley Park into a museum — and has asked Sheila E. to lead a musical tribute.

  • tammyn

    No mention of Prince’s other deceased half-brother: Duane Nelson, who died in 2013.

    • Added a note. Thank you.

    • Lisa Mary

      they did mention Duane in this article.

  • Becky Zollar Filius

    http://www.iloveoldschoolmusic.com/how-did-princes-sister-end-up-living-such-a-horrible-life-she-explains/. He stopped helping her because she has never recovered from her addiction. How upsetting. He would have left a ton to charity. That’s how he was. How sad. :-( R.I.P. Prince~

  • Kat

    Maybe that court document linked to should have been redacted before posting online – it gives Tyka’s home address.

  • Otheus

    Wasn’t he twice married? Doesn’t that come into play?

    • tiabgood

      Only if he is currently married – or still owes either one of the alimony.

      • Rikki-Shell Sandford

        Not if he hd “Pre-Nups” r hd children

  • BrunieOV

    I cannot believe that Prince did not leave any legal written document – I am sure he has had legal counsel in this matter and had to had made some financial planning. I cannot believe he would had left everything abandoned as given and thoughtful as he was. There has to be a document somewhere, perhaps it will come out with time.

    • Rikki-Shell Sandford

      If there was, wouldn’t the court systems have a “legal filing” of such document”? Interesting!