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Local Current to go all-Prince for an hour a day

A new mural in Minneapolis (Jay Gabler/MPR)

As we continue to honor Prince’s life and work, we will be dedicating one hour of programming each day to Prince’s music on our Local Current stream of Minnesota music.

Tune in to Local Current from 11:00 a.m. to noon CDT every day — weekends included — from today through May 6 to hear an hour of Prince’s music, with a different playlist every day.

Local Current can be heard on our website as well as on the MPR Radio app for iOS and Android devices — and on 89.3 HD2 in the Twin Cities metro area.

  • atchoo

    thank you!

  • Erika Fabricius

    That will be wonderful!!! <3

  • Norman Wilsman

    A Request: Please always play ‘Computer Blue’ and ‘Darling Nikki’ TOGETHER! It’s like hearing Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ without hearing ‘We Will Rock You’ on another unmentionable radio station. They are one song! They are meant to go together. I know this is radio, and it’s a soundbite world we live in, but, both of these have been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. Also, this would probably make a good 9:30 coffee break. Call it: “Song’s that follow songs, on albums, that are meant to be played together”. All the love and Prince. -Norm

  • Martha McNey

    LOVE this. I’m not ready to stop being steeped in Prince!