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Musicians, dignitaries and more react to the death of Prince, ‘our dear brother’

Morris Day and the Time perform at a United Way gala in Minneapolis. Photo by Steven Cohen for MPR.
  • North side girl

    In Minnesota it is raining…..purple. I will regret not going to see Prince perform, I let myself always “say another day”….my thoughts are with Prince’s family, friends and fans. I grew up near Prince and can say I am a true north side Minnespolis girl forever. RIP Prince and keep playing your great music

  • Rob

    One of my friends said he was a cross between Hendrix and James Brown, musically . I agreed.

  • Charay Farmer

    I am not from Minneapolis, I am from Jamaica and my heart is ??, I felt so close to Prince through his music and movies…prayers to his family and friends…??????

  • Charay Farmer

    Thank you God for blessing the world with such a beautiful talent…GOD BLESS the PURPLE PRINCE?????

  • Loretta C. Williams

    I just love this guy he was my Favorite Artist. I feel a sense of personal loss. This was the only Artist I ever spent my money to see. Not to throw shade on any other artist but Prince had my heart as an artist. Prince will be missed. He was unique in his own.
    RIL Prince

  • Boogirl

    Tears and smiles remembering long forgotten times of my early 20’s at First Ave during the Purple Rain and attending north high where a scrawny little fella would emerge from the rubble and put Minneapolis on the map. Prince. Baby you’re a star.

  • Sommer Ranee Waagosh Tarro

    One of my earliest memories and certainly most vivid was from my first concert at the age of 4, in 1984. My mom has taken me to First Avenue to see Prince. I remember his passion and prowess pouring from him during the show, and especially while he was at his piano. He knew I was in the audience that night and sent his body guard (RIP Big Chick) to give me a set of rear plus and
    a Purple Tambourine, it was truly a sweet and loving gesture. Prince’s music and movies were certainly a huge part of my childhood and subsequently imprinted on my life. I am grateful, I am mournful. Auwe. Rest Peacefully our Paisley Prince.

  • Michele

    The sun began to shine this afternoon and when the Current played Purple Rain at 4:02 pm there was not a dry eye on Highway 62. As I pulled off the highway and into my neighborhood — the familiar thick lump of loss returned to my throat and I sobbed as the final guitar chords pealed and the music began to fade. Empty and sad, I sat in my car in the alley as my teenage son walked up to the car giving me a sweet look of solidarity and sympathy — I explained that while I never knew Prince personally, or Bowie, or Etta, or B.B. King (and the list goes on) … I love music. When we love music, a life-long relationship with the brave, beautiful composers of music on this planet begins — chords, lyrics and emotion weave into our souls and their sentiment and message lay captions on the moments, years and decades of our lives. Nearly four decades of my life are sweetly interwoven with all that Prince had to say and express — thank you Prince for sharing your soul, beauty and talent with us.

    • Elayne C. Burke

      I heard it at 5:02 here in Washington DC and started singing it on the street, turned to a car, who also had it on and was singing it, too! So glad Current is streaming today. RIP Prince, so much love.

    • Steve Mikula

      Beautifully written

    • frostbittnkittn

      That was AMAAAZING!! You couldn’t of said it better! It hurts SOOO much loosing some artists bcuz they were there with their music so long throughout our lives n we never think they will be gone! I never got to see PRINCE n im kicking myself! I don’t have any amazing story or sighting or meeting of him! But I DO know he touched me inside with every song… Every word.. Every dance move! It’s almost like I can’t wait to die now bcuz the good ones are almost all up there n im hoping we see them again!!! I try to wake up happy but with all the current events n things going on and loss, life is getting sadder by the day! :( Xxx hang in there n take it day by day! It’s all we can do! Char

  • wiggity

    I have so many memories today, hearing about the loss of one of my favorite musicians. His music is woven throughout the fabric of my life. I first saw him in the early 80’s at First Avenue, with The Time. From that point on, I was hooked. I am so saddened to hear of his passing, so unexpectedly. Especially combined with all of the other losses we’ve had in the music industry…Bowie, Glenn Frey, etc. RIP your Purple Majesty.