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Music News: Authorities continue to investigate Prince’s death

Paisley Park after Prince's passing. Photo by Bridget Bennett for MPR.

Authorities from multiple jurisdictions continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Prince’s sudden death last week at age 57. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office has been quiet about details of the ongoing investigation, leading to various and sometimes conflicting media reports. NBC reported that prescription painkillers had been found at Paisley Park and that the Drug Enforcement Agency was being asked to help with the investigation — but a representative of the sheriff’s office later told the Hollywood Reporter that no, the DEA is not involved. Police have obtained a warrant to search Paisley Park, as they said from the beginning they planned to do. The Sheriff’s Office has said it could be weeks before they will be able to announce a cause of death.

On a happier note, local designers Coco and Breezy have made their distinctive “3rd eye” glasses available for purchase at the W Minneapolis and on their website. The designers — identical twins from Apple Valley — designed the glasses at Prince’s request, and the star later wore the glasses on the cover of his 2014 album Art Official Age. (Minnesota Monthly)

Neil Young’s new album will be wild

Neil Young has announced his next album. Earth will be released June 17, and Rolling Stone describes the album as “11 songs from his 2015 tour with Promise of the Real mixed with sounds of the Earth.” In Young’s words, “Suddenly all the living things of Earth were in the audience going crazy. […] Earth’s creatures let loose, there were Bee breakdowns, Bird breakdowns and yes, even Wall Street breakdowns, jamming with me and Promise of the Real!” Lukas Nelson of Promise of the Real advised fans to “smoke some Willie Reserve, sit back and listen to it.” That would be the signature marijuana endorsed by Nelson’s father Willie Nelson. (Rolling Stone)

Remembering Philip Kives

Canadian entrepreneur Philip Kives has died, of an undisclosed illness, at age 87. Kives founded K-tel, which specialized in direct sales of quirky items like Miracle Brush hair removers and Veg-o-matic slicers — and compilation albums. The U.S. distribution for K-tel was based in Plymouth, Minn. (Guardian)

All-star tribute to Big Star

On Wednesday night in Glendale, Calif., an all-star group of musicians gathered to play Big Star’s album Third for a forthcoming concert film and album. Among the participants were Jeff TweedyDan WilsonRobyn Hitchcock, and many of the musicians who have been touring the tribute around the country in recent years. (Billboard)

Rivers writes for Monkees

The Monkees have released a new single, written by Rivers Cuomo. “She Makes Me Laugh” will appear on Good Times! The band’s first album to be released since the death of Davy JonesGood Times! will also feature songs written by Ben Gibbard and Zach Rogue. (Billboard)

Paul Simon plays ball

Paul Simon has a new song too. “Cool Papa Bell,” from Simon’s upcoming Stranger to Stranger, is about the Negro League ballplayer of that name. The new album comes out June 3. Hear the track at Rolling Stone.

Whitney Houston documentaries en route

Having distanced themselves from a forthcoming documentary by controversial filmmaker Nick Broomfield, the family of Whitney Houston have given their blessing to a film by Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald. The Macdonald film, which is not yet titled, will be pitched to potential distributors next month at the Cannes Film Festival. (Rolling Stone)

Joined at the hip-hop

On Wednesday at Target Field, Astronautalis entertained Twins fans by rapping over the kiss cam.