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Prince camp reports ‘all’s good’ after hospitalization

Prince's recent passport photo, via Twitter

Prince is back home in Chanhassen resting up after what TMZ reported as an “emergency landing” and hospitalization in Moline, Ill., early Friday morning. Despite the scare, Prince’s camp told the Star Tribune that “all’s good.”

The gossip site sent social media into a tizzy after breaking the news and providing conflicting reports on Prince’s condition earlier today, but an update from Camp Purple clarified the situation this afternoon:

A rep for Prince tells TMZ, the singer has been fighting the flu for several weeks. He canceled 2 shows on April 7th but wanted to make Thursday night’s performance in Atlanta, even though he was still not feeling well.

After the show, he got on a plane and felt considerably worse, so his plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, where he was taken to the hospital and treated. He was released 3 hours later, got back on the plane and is now back home.

The Star Tribune confirmed that Prince had returned to Chanhassen today, adding that one source said he had, “been suffering from ‘bad dehydration.'”

In typical Prince fashion, the artist (or at least one of his nearby staffers) was already posting cryptically to Twitter in response to the buzz. The official Prince account posted a link to the song “Controversy,” which contains the lyrics, “I just can’t believe / All the things people say.”