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May 31, 2016

Music News: Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete dies at 27

Guitarist Thomas Fekete, a founding member of indie-rock band Surfer Blood, has died at age 27 of a rare form of cancer. Fekete shared his diagnosis with fans a year ago, dropping out of a tour with Surfer Blood and releasing a solo cassette; artists including Yo La Tengo and Guided By Voices pitched in to help raise funds […]

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No, Kim Gordon was not bit by a coyote at Whole Foods

You might have seen this story bubbling up on your Twitter feed today: the story that Kim Gordon was attacked by a coyote at Whole Foods in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Time to burst that bubble: it’s a hoax, according to Gordon herself as well as according to Whole Foods. @KimletGordon did […]

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