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Caydence Records & Coffee to open this summer in Payne-Phalen

Caydence Records & Coffee. MPR / Cecilia Johnson

If you’re walking down Payne Avenue this summer and you hear “London Calling” streaming out of a window, you might have just stumbled upon St. Paul’s newest record store/coffee shop. Caydence Records & Coffee (900 Payne Avenue), which will sell new and used vinyl and CDs, is being worked on for a couple more months; the Clash are frequently played during construction. The maintenance days are limited, though — owners Gregg Schmitt, Mat Graske, and Chad Medellin hope to open their business in summer 2016.

Just up the street from breakfast/beer destination Ward 6, Caydence is designed to be a gathering place for music and coffee fans. As Schmitt wrote via e-mail, “Caydence Records & Coffee will be working with Micah [Svedja] at Bootstrap Coffee Roasters in St. Paul for locally sourced, freshly roasted coffee and espresso!” Additionally, Schmitt wrote, “Caydence will be sourcing pastry products from local bakeries, and will eventually acquire time at a commissary kitchen to produce our own baked goods.”

Caydence’s owners have collectively diverse music tastes, which range from pop punk to folk to backpack rap to sludge metal. Graske enjoys Rhymesayers and Modern Radio Records artists, plus Trampled by Turtles, while Medellin is partial to In Search of Solace, FIDLAR, and Lawrence Arms. Schmitt listens to local band Buckaroux Banshees as well as Judas Priest, Animals as Leaders, and Devin Townsend.

All three will put their music expertise to use as they co-run Caydence, which should become a community gathering place, just like other record stores. The shop’s name is a play on “cadence,” a musical term with synonyms like “inflection” and “lilt.”