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Duluth Does Dylan album release to celebrate music icon’s 75th birthday

On Tuesday, May 24 the Duluth Does Dylan project will be releasing their fourth album compilation, Bringing It All Back To Duluth Does Dylan. The release show will be held at Clyde Iron Works event center in Duluth and will feature bands from all four of the Duluth Does Dylan albums. The date of the release also happens to be Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday.

Duluth Does Dylan is a community effort to celebrate and chronicle local music while paying tribute to Duluth native Bob Dylan. The project started back in 2000 with the release of the first compilation, Duluth Does Dylan, and since then a new one has been released every four years. The musicians featured on each album are from around the Duluth area.

This year’s compilation includes a quintessential combination of some of Dylan’s more popular tracks, such as “Like a Rolling Stone” (performed by Timothy Martin & The New Norm) as well as some deep cuts (the Social Disaster do Planet Waves cut “Going, Going Gone”). In total, 14 covers make up this year’s album, with each song performed by a different artist.

Some hometown favorites who have worked on Bringing It All Back To Duluth Does Dylan include Dave Simonett (from Trampled By Turtles) and Charlie Parr, who is listed on the album as Devil’s Flying Machine. Both have appeared on previous albums, but as part of different acts.

Several other Duluth musicians have contributed as well, including Actual Wolf, the Social Animals and the Murder of Crows. Perhaps one of the most anticipated covers on the album will be “Lay Down Your Weary Tune” by the Weary Tunesmiths. The band consists of some of the area’s finest musicians who are members of other well-known bands Low, Trampled By Turtles, the Northstars, and Two Many Banjos.

Appropriately, while these artists are covering Dylan, he has been busy covering his own music influences. On Friday, Bob Dylan released his latest album, Fallen Angels. You can take a listen here.

Lillian Speakman is a junior at Hamline University and a DJ for HU Radio.