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Fog, Joey Ryan and the Inks, and more of this week’s new Minnesota music releases

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Fog: For Good

Andrew Broder has just released For Good, his first album as Fog in nine years. Best known in recent years as a member of the band Cloak Ox, Broder has returned to his atmospheric (so to speak) Fog project with a Kickstarter-funded album on Totally Gross National Product. Broder will celebrate the release with a Saturday show at the Entry; also on the bill are Greg Grease and Psymun.

Joey Ryan and the Inks: Young Afternoon

Joey Ryan and the Inks fill Young Afternoon with their trademark sunny pop. The band will be hauling boxes of vinyl to the Turf Club on Saturday for a release show that also features Eric Mayson and BBGUN. Ryan tells Rift Magazine that “life started happening” while this, the band’s fourth studio album, was being recorded — and he means that very literally, since three of the band’s five members either had babies or discovered their partners were expecting. They have a lot to celebrate.

Bollywood: [mystery single]

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Bollywood, the Minneapolis band who proudly cite Reviler’s statement that they play “scuzzy gutter-electro that is waist-deep in seedy underbelly vibes and hazy detachment.” They’ll be at Icehouse on Friday, promising a new single and video.

Jack Klatt: Shadows in the Sunset

A staple of the local scene, Jack Klatt brings his world-weary blues to new album Shadows in the Sunset. He’ll be at Icehouse for an album release show on Saturday, and you can tune in tomorrow at noon to hear a live session he recorded for Radio Heartland.

Jon Storm: Brand New Day

Jon Storm stands in front of a blue Minneapolis sky on the cover of his new album Brand New Day, and there’s a blue-sky sound to the music as well: smooth, crisply-produced pop with a burbling electronic pulse. A portion of the proceeds from the album will be supporting Ireland’s Hope, a foundation raising awareness of organ-donor registration — named after a Minnesota eight-year-old who’s recently had a heart transplant. Storm plays an album-release show Friday at the Fine Line.

Dystonia: I Can’t Help But Change

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1784073230 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

Rochester rockers Dystonia have a theme for their second album: “It is about high school — the schoolwork, the relationships, the finality of our time there.” They say it’s also their last release, as Kevin Andrews and Dylan Hilliker move on to other ventures.