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Friday Five: fDeluxe, Jack Klatt, and more new Minnesota music videos

fDeluxe, “Nothing Compares 2 U”

Prince wrote scores of songs for the Family (now known as fDeluxe), including “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Following a Susannah Melvoin introduction, fDeluxe and Minnesota’s own STRINGenius ensemble perform the song in this video, offering it up as their heartfelt tribute.

Janet Jackson, “Dammn Baby”

Honorary Minnesotan Janet Jackson dropped a video and pregnancy news in the same 24 hours this week, and the Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis collaborator makes it all look easy. Actually, the black-and-white video for “Dammn Baby” (off Unbreakable) harks back to that of “Rhythm Nation,” the very recognizable 1989 smash. It’s like the years have never passed.

Jack Klatt, “Behind The 8 Ball”

Using just a guitar and his voice, Jack Klatt performs bluesy heart-grabber “Behind The 8 Ball” with a knowing, bleak grace.

ahem, “Umbrella”

Alyse Emanuel (vocals/drums) and Erik Anderson (vocals/guitar) are ahem, a new rock duo from Minneapolis. Having recorded six songs with Frankie Teardrop’s Jordan Bleau, ahem are on their way to a debut studio album; here’s a live teaser.

Joey Ryan and the Inks, “Lovebat”

Reverb and strong guitar work soundtrack this animated music video from Joey Ryan and the Inks, an indie pop group who are releasing their fourth album, Young Afternoon, today.