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‘Hey Teddy’ kid makes sequel video thanking Vikings QB for birthday surprise

Minnesota loves a good sequel song, an earnest young musician, and the Vik…okay, well, maybe the Vikings could use a little more love. They’re getting it from six-year-old Obadiah Gamble, who invited quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday party with a song and video, “Hey Teddy.” The video went viral — it currently has over 124,000 views on YouTube — and Bridgewater took a break from practice to stop by Gamble’s St. Paul home for a celebration.

The young boy, whose musical moniker is Skolbadiah (see what he did there?), has now released a sequel video thanking Bridgewater for coming by. The new song, with a spelling convention borrowed from another well-known musician and Vikings fan, is called “Hey Teddy 2 (Thank U).” This may be the best appearance by a Minnesota pro athlete in a music video since the Berenguer Boogie.