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Music News: PRINCE Act pushed back, likely until 2017

The Minnesota Legislature has put the brakes on the PRINCE Act, a piece of legislation — written with the late Prince in mind — that would give survivors the right to keep deceased celebrities’ names and likenesses from being exploited for profit. After observers and legislators raised concerns that the measure was too broad and needed further consideration, it was sent to a judiciary panel for further debate; legislators say it’s unlikely to come to a floor vote this session, meaning that it wouldn’t become law until at least January 2017. (MPR News)

Two women have filed claims to shares of Prince’s estate, claiming to be descendants of the late Duane Nelson. Nelson was long described as a half-brother of Prince, and formerly worked for the star; his name, however, is not listed in court filings by Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson. (Pioneer Press)

On Tuesday night in Santa Ana, Haim launched a U.S. tour with a show that included two new songs and a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U.” (Consequence of Sound)

What are Rage Against the Machine counting down to?

Rage Against the Machine are teasing something called “Prophets of Rage,” happening this summer. Given that the announcements (including an intermittently functioning website counting down to June 1) feature multiple Public Enemy references and that Chuck D has been tweeting about Rage Against the Machine, the smart money is on this being some kind of collaboration. (Pitchfork)

So how about that Riot Fest lineup?

The just-announced lineup for Chicago’s Riot Fest, taking place Sept. 16-18, includes headliners the Misfits and Morrissey as well as Minnesot-linked artists including Bob Mouldthe Hold SteadyHippo CampusTancred, and Motion City Soundtrack — who are calling the festival their last show.

Riot Fest Chicago

U.S. Bank Stadium opens for public tours

Members of the public who have been waiting to get inside U.S. Bank Stadium don’t have to wait much longer: $19 tickets for public tours go on sale next week. (MPR News)

Marvin Gaye vinyl box set slated

As the classic Marvin Gaye album What’s Going On celebrates its 45th anniversary, Universal is releasing the third volume of its Gaye reissue series: a seven-LP set that includes the last seven albums the soul icon recorded for Tamla Records, originally released from 1971 to 1981. (Billboard)

Chris Martin writes lyrics for a TV theme

Chris Martin of Coldplay has penned “lyrics” for the instrumental Late Show theme. (Billboard)

Not Seal!

Seal gets mauled by wolves in a new (NSFW) trailer for the Lonely Island movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. (Billboard)

Lionel Richie’s muffins are tops

Remember when Dave Grohl broke his leg and Lionel Richie sent him a basket of muffins? Grohl sure does, and he talked about it with Richie in an interview for Sirius XM. (Rolling Stone)