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Music News: Radiohead release new album, plan vinyl reissues

On Sunday, Radiohead released A Moon Shaped Pool, their ninth studio album and the successor to 2011’s King of Limbs. The 11-track album is now available for download, and will be released on vinyl and CD next month, with a special edition to follow in September. (Rolling Stone)

The band also announced that their back catalog will be reissued on vinyl later this month, and released a new video for the Moon Shaped Pool song “Daydreaming,” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Remembering Prince

Prince’s family have clarified that, despite the small private gathering held at Paisley Park shortly after the star’s death, “there has been no memorial, funeral or tribute service for Prince that was organized or authorized by the family or Paisley Park representatives.” In a statement, the family say that they are “planning an official memorial service and public event to take place in the near future.” (Rolling Stone)

At Los Angeles City Hall on Friday, musicians including Stevie Wonder and Faith Evans played a Prince tribute concert. A flock of doves were released during “When Doves Cry.” (Billboard)

Bremer Trust, as special administrator of Prince’s estate, has been authorized to test the singer’s blood for the purposes of verifying or challenging any paternity claims. Potential heirs have been given four months to come forward. (Star Tribune)

The trust has also put a hold on public events at Paisley Park while the estate is settled — including a Mixed Blood Theatre gala, scheduled for May 14, for which plans had been made prior to Prince’s death. Mixed Blood says that after Prince’s death, Paisley Park staff assured them that “Prince wanted this event to happen” and that it would go on as scheduled, but the trust has now independently decided to call it off. (Star Tribune)

A special print of Robert Whitman’s iconic 1977 photograph of the young Prince in front of the Schmitt Music mural will be sold on May 20 as part of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s annual fundraising auction. MCAD estimates the photo will sell for $8,000.

Arsenio Hall has sued Sinéad O’Connor for defamation after she claimed that Hall sold illegal drugs to Prince for “decades.” O’Connor says she’s merely “amused” by Hall’s suit, reports Billboard. Hall and O’Connor have a tumultuous history dating back to 1990, when Hall hosted the MTV Video Music Awards and O’Connor dominated with three wins for her “Nothing Compares 2 U” clip.

Axl makes his AC/DC debut

In Portugal on Saturday, Axl Rose made his debut as live frontman for AC/DC. Billboard reports that the pairing was occasionally shaky, but “when it mattered most,” Rose “nailed it.”

When will the holograms end?

This week’s Saturday Night Live mocked the hologram-resurrection craze with a satirical ad for Dead Bopz, an album of today’s hits sung by deceased music legends — like Ethel Merman (Melissa McCarthy), “the Selena Gomez of the ’50s,” explains a reanimated Bing Crosby. Watch the clip at Billboard.