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No, Kim Gordon was not bit by a coyote at Whole Foods

The cover of Kim Gordon's recent memoir

You might have seen this story bubbling up on your Twitter feed today: the story that Kim Gordon was attacked by a coyote at Whole Foods in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Time to burst that bubble: it’s a hoax, according to Gordon herself as well as according to Whole Foods.

The culprit is a fake Instagram account that a verified Whole Foods brand account tells Gordon the company is “working hard” to have deactivated. The fake account has been apologizing to Gordon for the (fictitious) coyote attack, and saying that parking-lot snipers have been put in place to prevent any future attacks.

While it is true that Silver Lake — like Minneapolis — has the occasional issue with urban wildlife (including coyotes), fortunately the indie-rock icon has remained safe from any such aggressive fauna.

Kim Gordon Whole Foods hoax