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Parker Millsap’s van stolen near MSP airport

'Well. The van's gone, but we will still see y'all tonight,' wrote Parker Millsap yesterday on Facebook, sharing this image

Oklahoma-based roots musician Parker Millsap played a show last night at the Turf Club. It was a great show, reports The Current’s Bill DeVille, who was in attendance.

Unfortunately, very early Tuesday morning Millsap’s tour van was stolen from outside a hotel near the MSP airport. Millsap and his band lost property including their tour merch, a drum kit, and Millsap’s harmonica — meaning that at the Turf Club, the band had to fill in with fiddle for some of the harmonica parts.

“They took it in stride,” says DeVille, “but it’s a bummer.” Millsap, DeVille notes, is currently topping the Americana charts — a rising star with a bullet, who nonetheless has suffered this stroke of bad luck. “He said onstage that he’s not holding it against the Twin Cities,” says DeVille.

The band have shared the following information about the theft, and would welcome any information about the missing vehicle and gear. Anyone with information can contact Jon Grau (615-228-7701, jon@slipshodmusic.com).

The van was stolen near the airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It is a white 12-passenger 2007 Chevy Expedition. It has Oklahoma plates and will have a smashed window from the break-in. There was a bunch of music gear stolen (listed below) as well as Parker Millsap merchandise (CDs, Vinyl, t-shirts).

Stolen Gear:
Fender Excelsior Tube Amp – spray painted blue, pink and yellow
Fender Bassman TV bass amplifier
3-piece Pearl Soundcheck Drum kit – Black
Sabian AA 20″ Bash Ride
2 x LR Baggs Acoustic DIs
Boss Tremelo Pedal
JHS Panther Cub Delap Pedal
Boss Phase Shifter Pedal
2x Boss Tuner
Aura Spectrum DI
Electro Harmonix B9 Pedal
TC Electronics Hall of Fame Pedal
Fishman Platinum Bass DI
MXR 10-band EQ
Morley ABC Pedal