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Photos: Mid West Music Fest roars through Winona

Watching Fury Things at Ed's No Name Bar. Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR.

This weekend, The Current went to Winona — and Winona did not disappoint. The river city was rocking with the annual Mid West Music Fest, with musicians from near and far playing at bars, in coffee shops, and under the big tent.

Despite an unseasonal chill in the air and the persistent threat of rain, Winona went hard — to borrow a phrase from Andrea Swensson, who hosted a taping of The Local Show on Saturday afternoon at Ed’s No Name Bar. We’ll have streaming audio of that show coming up shortly Hear the entire Local Show here; and enjoy these photos and video of our wild weekend in Winona.

The Ultrasounds – Waste of Space


Mayor Mark Peterson stopped by to chat about everything Winona — including the city’s most famous scion, Winona Ryder.

The noontime crowd at Ed’s were loud and proud, as engineers Erik Stromstad and Michael DeMark worked to mix the cheers in with the music.

The Ultrasounds — a band who are 3/4 from Winona and 1/4 from Minneapolis — played two songs for the show, and one bonus number for the live audience.

Under the festival’s tent in downtown Winona, Beet Root Stew kept it real with some good old-fashioned river music.

Fury Things, riding the success of one of last year’s most acclaimed local albums, recorded a Daytrotter session at the Winona Arts Center — a converted church that dates to 1864, making it one of the city’s oldest buildings.

Singer-songwriter Matt Latterell played at Ed’s No Name Bar.

Everyone from knitters to parents to hipsters (and some who were all of the above) packed Blooming Grounds for an intimate performance by Martin Devaney.

At the Historic Masonic Temple, Dusty Heart (Barbara Jean and Molly Dean) teamed up for an acoustic set.

Local heroes the Weathered Heads pleased their many fans under the festival tent.

Frog Leg played in Broken World Records, a venue with a vintage vibe.

At the Eagles Club, the Wide Awakes got cozy around a shared mic.

From Paisley Park to the Mid West Music Fest: under the festival tent, Pho served up a heaping helping of classic funk.

Back at Ed’s, Fury Things lived up to their name.

Little Fevers warmed up the crowd as Saturday night built to its climax.

By the time Apollo Cobra took the stage, Ed’s housed a teeming mass of music fans who were ready to party. Winona Rock City!