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Welcome Greg Grease, our May DJ in Residence on Local Current

Greg Grease of Astralblak (Nate Ryan/MPR)

For the past year, The Current has been inviting local musicians to take over our all-Minnesota music stream to talk about the local music scene and to share tracks from their favorite local artists. So far, the roster for Local Current’s DJ in Residence has included Martin Devaney, Sophia Eris, Al Church, Kerry Alexander (Bad Bad Hats), Eric Mayson, and many others. Leading us into our second year of the project is the multi-talented musician, visual artist, and business owner Greg Grease!

Grease releases music under his own name, leads the soul/funk/future space band ZULUZULUU, and is a frequent collaborator with artists like Muja Messiah, Metasota, Sophia Eris, Crescent Moon, and Andrew Broder in the local hip-hop community.

There is a self-described blue-collar Afro-centricity in all of Grease’s projects and he aims to create sounds that empower and elevate. His raps reflect the reality of growing up in a lower-middle=class neighborhood as a black youth, and are paired with feel-good music that pulls listeners in.

Grease also owns and operates River Life Dry Goods, where he designs and hand sews leather goods, canvas bags, and bespoke menswear. Musically, 2015 saw the release of Greg Grease’s latest album, Born to Lurk Forced to Work, and he’s currently in the studio working on ZULUZULUU’s next record, set to release in June.

“I really look forward to the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Minnesota music in many different genres,” says Grease. “I’m always looking for different way to grow my listening palette. I’m also excited to learn what it’s like to play music from a radio perspective.”

Spend your afternoons delving deep into the Minnesota music scene with Greg Grease: every Friday through June 3 from noon until 6 p.m. on Local Current!

Local Current’s DJ in Residence project is supported by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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