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June 7, 2016

Music News: Rare footage of Prince playing basketball surfaces

Rare video of Prince playing basketball has surfaced in the form of a music video shot in 2000 by David Schwartz, who remembers “he was a trash talker.” (Billboard) Meanwhile, Judge Kevin Eide will decide by Thursday “whether music-industry specialists should be hired to help manage estate assets for potential heirs” of Prince, reports the Star Tribune. Carlin Q. […]

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The Current on Prince: From First Avenue to Paisley Park and beyond

“Isn’t the sky beautiful tonight?” That’s how Prince greeted The Current’s program director Jim McGuinn, who reported on his summer 2010 visit to Paisley Park in one of the first Prince stories ever published on The Current’s website. The Current was launched in 2005, and Prince became a supporter of the station. He showed that support […]

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Dave Chappelle and friends pay tribute to Prince at Minneapolis Juke Joint

Sure, there are plenty of obscenities. There’s alcohol. There’s a venue easily accessible by public transit in the heart of the city. And instead of the entertainer radiating confidence, confidence feels in-your-face. But there is the ambiance of a last-minute, spontaneously planned event. There’s a pre-show deejay set where hundreds of phoneless folks eagerly and […]

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