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June 15, 2016

Music News: Artists talk about fears of dangerous fans

In the wake of Christina Grimmie’s death — which happened when the singer was shot this past weekend during a meet-and-greet — musicians are opening up about their fears of potentially dangerous fans. As the New York Times notes, “Music history is dotted with stories of stalkers and dangerous fanatics, like those that killed John […]

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Why GRRRL PRTY have meant the world to me

As much as I’d enjoyed their music to date, I couldn’t have predicted how happy I’d be at GRRRL PRTY’s First Avenue concert last summer. I danced; I watched from the front row; I caught (and still have) one of the Jeremy Nutzman masks-on-a-popsicle-stick that GRRRL PRTY wore. Andrea Swensson described the show like this: “To call the evening […]

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