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June 29, 2016

Anil Dash on Prince’s secret life as a computer nerd

A special bond exists between Prince fans online — especially those who have been congregating, sharing their love of the Purple One and interacting with the man himself through his decades of digital evolution, from AOL’s early chatrooms to the modern-day hum of Twitter. Much like Prince would gather his die-hard fans IRL at Paisley Park […]

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You Need To Know: Bora York

Bora York — multi-instrumentalist Chris Bartels, vocalist Rebekah Bartels, vocalist/guitarist Brian Seidel, drummer Bjorn Nilsen, and bassist Jamie Kauppi — make some of the most fun music in the Twin Cities. I’ve been curious to learn more about them, especially since I saw their “Arrest Me” video. And when I first reached out, one of my most pressing questions for the band […]

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