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Ask a Cool Person: Anthonia Eboreime of the Litestyle Observer

Photo by Andrea Swensson/MPR

Each week on the Local Show, we’ll meet a new person from the Minnesota music community who has some fresh discoveries to share in a feature called “Ask a Cool Person.” These people will come from all corners of the scene, including record store clerks, recording studio engineers and producers, artists, writers, bookers, photographers, and fans.

This week’s guest is Anthonia Eboreime, an avid showgoer, tweeter, and blogger who runs the music and event website the Litestyle Observer.

  1. Listen Ask a Cool Person: Anthonia Eboreime

Hi Anthonia! How long have you been running your site now?

I’m going into my second year running the blog.

How do you find artists that you want to cover?

I’m a huge Soundcloud troll. I really am on Soundcloud at all hours of the day, seeing what other people are sharing, seeing what artists I like are sharing and posting. So pretty Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media; that’s how I find my music.

People should definitely follow you on Twitter, too. You go out to a lot of shows! So I asked you to bring in three artists, and the first is Dizzy Fae teaming up with the producer Su Na. Tell me about this one.

I really like this song. Su Na is a producer, and I really like his aesthetic. I like his sound a lot. He’s a very nice person, and he has a new project coming out in a few weeks. I’m really excited about the new music he has coming out.

The second artist is a familiar name to us here at the Current, Greg Grease. And you chose the song “Killer Love.” What was it about this one?

This record is on his project Born to Lurk, Forced to Work. It came out about a year ago. And I’m just drawn to this song, the concept of the song, and it has a great music video to go along with it. I just listen to this song on and on and on. And it’s featuring I.B.E., and he adds his own flavor to the song, so I really like it a lot.

And the third one is brand new to me, so I’m excited about that. Tell me about Saint LaRon.

I really like Saint LaRon. A friend of mine introduced me to him, and this song, and it’s so catchy. You just find yourself repeating the hook of the song, it’s so catchy, so fun. It’s very summertime. So that’s why I really like the song.