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Minneapolis Fourth of July fireworks to be choreographed to Prince music

Richard Perry (CC BY-ND 2.0)

On July 4, the fireworks over downtown Minneapolis will be choreographed to a mix of Prince music provided by The Current.

Starting at 10:00 p.m. on July 4, you can tune in to The Current on air (89.3 FM in the Twin Cities) or via our website or the MPR Radio app for the perfect mix of Prince music to accompany the fireworks — a mix curated by The Current’s production manager Derrick Stevens.

The fireworks display will be part of Minneapolis’s annual Red, White and Boom! celebration. The daylong celebration will include a half-marathon, relay, and 5K; free family activities; and several live music performances including an 8:30 performance by the Minnesota Orchestra on Boom Island. Click here for more details.

Songs played in the fireworks medley

1. Purple Rain
2. Little Red Corvette
3. I Wanna Be Your Lover
4. Let’s Work
5. Controversy
6. U Got The Look
7. Bob George
8. Hot Thing
9. When Doves Cry
10. Nothing Compares 2 U
11. Somebody’s Somebody
12. I Can’t Make You Love Me
13. Breakdown
14. With You
15. Adore
16. Sign O’ The Times
17. Darling Nikki
18. 1999
19. Baby I’m A Star
20. I Would Die 4 U
21. Delirious
22. Let’s Go Crazy

  • Kathleen Pagan

    I will totally tune in for the music… Just someone please please please film this and share it with those of us who cannot be in Minnesota but love Prince!!! Happy 4th!!! <3

    • We’re going to do our best to live-stream the fireworks on The Current’s Facebook page!

      • Tila Gallardo


      • TheBoo Stress

        That’s awesome. Thanks so much!

      • LongLiveHHDL

        The fireworks won’t start until ten pm?

    • Patty Skehan Carroll


    • Karen

      Yes, I have the same request. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to live in Minneapolis (though you can keep your winters!). I’m going to listen here, but won’t be able to see it synchronized with the fireworks. Any way we can see that that we don’t know about? If not, if someone can video tape it, that would be amazing. With much gratitude, Karen

    • Jessica Harris

      I’m going to do my best to record using my phone.

  • Pat Gustafson

    Wow, I want to go. But I live 7 hours away!

  • Hattie Irving

    I will be there in spirit of course, but i will be watching

  • Jake Stapley

    Live stream on Periscope :)

  • BruiserB

    Hoping the live stream of music won’t be delayed vs the radio broadcast.

  • LongLiveHHDL

    I read that it’s going to be live-streamed on one of the Prince and/or Current related FB pages. Does anyone know about this?!

  • Eileen Millsop Gust

    when is it going to start I am in michigan cant find it thanks

  • Megan/Mound

    This is wonderful! The Current is so in-tune! I love that they have the same passion for his music like all of us! I am listening now to the Red, White and Boom Soundtrack! Thank you! Pure Prince, Pure Minnesota!

  • Eileen Millsop Gust

    i hear no music

    • Jessica Harris

      Did you listen on the radio or using mpr radio app?

  • Jessica Harris

    They didn’t seem to match up with the bits of the songs, at all.

  • Ted Kaehler

    Was anyone able to get this to work? I had the app, it wasn’t even playing a Prince song at 10:00.

  • Geminiprodj

    The best song to put fireworks to (Purple Rain) and I didn’t hear a thing except for pop, pop, pop and a few ooohs and ahhsss. Disappointed.