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Prince mural in progress at Chanhassen Cinema

via Chanhassen Cinema on Facebook

Australian artist Mr G Hoete is currently painting a Prince mural on the exterior wall of the Chanhassen Cinema.

“In honor of Prince Rogers Nelson,” wrote the theater on Facebook, “we at Five Star Cinemas would like to announce a new addition to our Chanhassen Cinema location — a 40 foot mural of the late musician and performer. This work of art will be visible to the public on our west wall. Painted by Mr. G Hoete, an Australian artist and long time prince fan, we hope that this piece will serve as a reminder of our great friend for years to come.”

This seems to be the art hinted at last week, when Chanhassen’s city manager said that a piece of public art — created by an out-of-town artist who would donate his time — was planned in tribute at a location that Prince “used to frequent.” Many local Prince fans immediately thought of the cinema, which Prince was known to rent out for special screenings to treat his Paisley Park guests — for example last fall, when he treated a crowd to a Spectre screening after a listening party for The Current’s broadcast of the live medley “CRAZY 2 COOL.”

Mr G Hoete has been posting updates on the mural’s progress on his Facebook page. It’s the second recent mural devoted to Prince’s memory: previously, Bloomington artist Rock “Cyfi” Martinez created a Prince mural on the wall of a building in Uptown Minneapolis.

  • Zach Pasdoe

    It’s disappointing Mr. G couldn’t find space in Minneapolis.

    • Harris Meitanis

      Yep, the City nor the Mayor’s office would return any of our calls after we initially spoke and donated our time to the city. It was supposed to go on the wall of The Cowell Centre but the city didn’t authorise it stating that they wanted a local artist instead of the world’s premier large scale mural artist who was willing to donate a piece normally priced at over $50k for nothing. Luckily, the great people of Chanhassen Cinema donated their wall and have taken care of Mr G exceptionally well. They saw the venue and the desire which has come from a true fan of Prince’s. It’s a shame the city never got behind our proposal but the piece has ended up on a building that Prince used to call home a lot so, we’re happy about that.

      Harris Meitanis – Mr G Management

      • Shauna D.

        Sure you want to air your dirty laundry on here, Mr G Management? Not very professional.

        • Harris Meitanis

          How so Shauna? One should never be ashamed of the truth. Professionalism has nothing to do with it. The people of Minneapolis and Chanhassen have a right to know the series of events that brought Mr. G and Chanhassen together. Alls well that ends well. The piece has found its spiritual home which the most important thing. You have yourself a nice day!

          • Shauna D.

            I’m certainly glad the people at Chanhassan Cinema are taking care of the artist for sure, I just think it’s a bit simplistic of an explanation why a deal wasn’t struck to create a mural on the wall of the Cowles Center, and I don’t think the comments section of a blog post is a good venue for such an explanation. Your emphasis on the worthiness of a renowned international artist over a local one and the donation of time in proposing the mural (I am unaware – was it a response to an RFQ or unsolicited?) I don’t think takes into consideration fully what the City of Minneapolis or the Cowles center desires for that wall. Prince made a home for himself in Chanhassan and the community was good to him so I don’t see why that’s not a perfect place for a mural in his memory.

          • Harris Meitanis

            The Cowells Center wanted it. They are artists after all and Prince is the greatest artist of all time. The City were bureaucratic (expected) and then dismissive (rude). We just believe its important to let people know WHY the mural from the world’s premier large scale artist isn’t in Minneapolis when so many people from Minneapolis were campaigning for it to be there. Its important that people know, especially passionate fans why it is in Chanhassen. We are over the moon with Chanhassen by the way. The Mayor of Chanhassen has opened
            his arms and the people their hearts and for that we are extremely
            grateful and believe that the mural found its way to its spiritual home. End of discussion.

            Eye Wish U Heaven.

          • Shauna D.

            OK maybe end of discussion for you, but we in Minneapolis will continue the discussion of what mural art we want in our city for our communities, believe you me, along with how best we can pay tribute to our favorite artist, Prince. Peace.

          • Aj

            Cool Mural, but I’ll side with Minneapolis on this one. Prince had some serious Minnesota pride, I think it is only right that a Minnesotan gets the opportunity to paint the mural. Way to support the local arts community Minneapolis!

          • Zach Pasdoe

            Yet the City and the Mayor’s office were fine with Eduardo Kobra, who is Brazilian, head the Dylan mural in downtown Minneapolis. Way to support the local arts community Minneapolis. ;)