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Rogue Valley premiere new video for “Transference”

Via Facebook. Photo by Cameron Wittig.

Local indie band (and non-diegetic movie stars) Rogue Valley are back with new music, having spent the last few years writing, recording, and fine-tuning their fifth studio album, radiate/dissolve. It comes out tomorrow, but ahead of that time, the band is sharing the video for their song “Transference.”

As with most of Rogue Valley’s best tracks, this song is like the most in-demand antique furniture: simple, well-designed, and perennial in its charm. Petals waft over water like Koza’s voice over the downbeat, and the video effects carry the air of an unfixed Joseph Cornell collage.

Catch Rogue Valley at the Fitzgerald for their July 29 release show (also featuring Jeremy Messersmith and Chastity Brown), and check out the video below.