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Local Current goes wall-to-wall Munson/Wilson on Saturday

Matt Wilson and John Munson of the Twilight Hours. (Publicity photo)

Inveterate collaborators John Munson and Matt Wilson (Semisonic; Trip Shakespeare; E. Brown) dropped their second Twilight Hours album, Black Beauty, today; they’ll play a sold-out Turf Club tonight and the 7th Street Entry tomorrow. To celebrate, Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges and St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman made Twitter declarations declaring “Only John Munson Day” and “Only Matt Wilson Day,” respectively, in their cities. Local Current is taking it one step further and declaring “The Weekend of Only John Munson and Matt Wilson Music” on the stream.

Local Current will air a 24-hour marathon of exclusively John Munson and Matt Wilson music from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m on Saturday. It will feature a loop of Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The Twilight Hours, The New Standards, The Flops, and Matt Wilson’s solo work.

  • funoka

    Both The Twilight Hours albums are great and everyone should buy them. I saw them play in Arlington, VA on their tour for the first album. Got there early and John was hanging out, so I chatted with him a bit. He is a really nice guy, although he didn’t know me from Adam. He even answered my questions about old Trip Shakespeare stuff!