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Music News: CHVRCHES and Hayley Williams star in animated video for ‘Bury It’

CHVRCHES and Hayley Williams acquire telekinetic powers in a new animated video for the remix of “Bury It,” which features the Paramore singer as a guest vocalist. (Billboard)

Calls for peace and justice continue

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez have released a new single, “Love Makes the World Go Round.” The song was created in the wake of the recent Orlando shootings, and benefits an organization providing emergency mental health services. On Billboard, watch the duo perform the song for a crowd that includes family members of the Orlando victims.

Mary Wilson, a member of the Supremes‘ classic lineup, has compared recent violence to the social upheavals that took place during Motown’s heyday in the 1960s. Praising the Civil Rights Movement, she said, “Things don’t change overnight. Things get bad before [they] get better.” (Rolling Stone)

Ellisha and Steven Flagg, siblings of the late Eric Garner, have released a moving song called “I Can’t Breathe,” inspired by the words their brother repeated after being placed in a stranglehold by a New York police officer. “The song is dedicated to the struggle everyone is going through,” said Garner’s family in a statement. (Rolling Stone)

Everyone’s looking for peace and healing right now — including Chewbacca Mom. Candace Payne has shared a video of herself singing Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.” (Billboard)

Bon Iver head west

Bon Iver have announced a few new California dates around their Oct. 23 Hollywood Bowl gig with Patti SmithFrancis and the Lights will join Bon Iver on Oct. 18 in Oakland; they’ll also play shows in Santa Ana and San Diego. (Pitchfork)

M.I.A. alleges theft

“Big American artists” are thieving ideas and “refugee sentiments” from M.I.A. before her new album Matahdatah is released, says the singer-songwriter-producer. She tweets she’s “on the verge” of just leaking the album and having it over with. The tweets seem to refer to a controversy over a recent interview in which M.I.A. said that humanitarian crises around the world aren’t getting the attention they deserve. (Billboard)

De La Soul get “Angry”

De La Soul have recorded a new song, called “Action,” for an Angry Birds game. The song will accompany a weeklong event in which the band members will appear in the game — in bird form. (Rolling Stone)

Photographer sues King estate

Photographer Glen Craig has sued the estate of B.B. King, saying his photographs of King have been used on the late blues legend’s albums, without Craig’s permission, since 1971. (Billboard)

Snoop missed a question about what?

Snoop Dogg appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Family Feud, where he lost points to Sugar Ray Leonard on a question about a subject Snoop would seem to be one of the world’s leading experts on. (Billboard)