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Music News: Izzy’s announces ‘Dessa’s Existential Crunch’ ice cream

Dessa performs at Rock the Garden in 2014 (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Dessa is getting her own flavor of ice cream, courtesy of Izzy’s. “Dessa’s Existential Crunch” is “a Dark Brown Sugar and Creme Fraiche ice cream, flavored with Jameson Irish Whiskey and Disaronno Originale amaretto to help you contemplate the incomprehensible, all mixed with Praline Pecan pieces and a crunchy cashew brittle.” The flavor will be launched on July 27 at a rooftop ice cream social at Izzy’s Minneapolis location, with proceeds going to charity. Any guesses as to who’s providing the musical entertainment?

Today’s RNC music news

Donald Trump is paying no heed to Queen’s ongoing attempts to stop him from using their song “We Are the Champions.” He just walked right out to the song on Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, spurring yet another disavowal from the band. (Billboard)

John Legend also isn’t thrilled at his association with the RNC, specifically being pulled into a debate over whether Melania Trump plagiarized a speech by Michelle Obama. RNC strategist Sean Spicer said that some of the phrases used by Melania Trump were similar to those used by musicians including Legend, Akon, and House of Pain. (Entertainment Tonight)

“It’s not the side effects of the cocaine/ I’m thinking that it must be love!” So sang the vocalist of the RNC’s house band on Monday night, covering David Bowie’s “Station to Station” for the entertainment of the gathered delegates. (Billboard)

Wilco: Schmilco

Wilco have announced their next album: Schmilco will be released Sept. 9. The group have shared a first song from the effort, “If I Ever Was a Child.” (The CurrentWilco will be at Hall’s Island in Minneapolis on Aug. 20.

Björk exhibit headed to the UK

The Björk Digital exhibit of virtual reality music videos, now in Tokyo, is headed to London: it will be at Somerset House from Sept. 1 through Oct. 23. While the show is there, Björk will grace the city with her first live show of 2016: Sept. 21 at the Royal Albert Hall. (Pitchfork)

Lorde defends Leslie

Lorde is among the many who are coming to the defense of actor Leslie Jones, who’s been attacked by racist trolls in the wake of the release of her movie Ghostbusters. (Billboard)

Jim James drops in on Andrew Bird

Jim James is the latest musician to join Andrew Bird for an acoustic living room session. Watch the two perform their own songs as well as a Woody Guthrie cover (“Changing World”) on Pitchfork.

Kesha announces tour

Kesha has announced her first full tour since the beginning of her legal battle with Dr. Luke. She says she’ll be “reinventing some of my old songs and some of my favorite songs from my musical idols” on the tour, which comes to Minneapolis for a show at Aria on Aug. 18. (Pitchfork)

Today’s James Corden content

James Corden parodied the infamously Snapchatted phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, with bandleader Reggie Watts jumping on the line to ask about various nuts — including Iowan presidential candidate Deez Nuts. (Rolling Stone)

Corden also teased a forthcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke featuring First Lady Michelle Obama. (Billboard)