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P.O.S debuts fire single ‘Wearing a Bear’

MPR photo / Nate Ryan

P.O.S has just debuted a new song, and it’s fire.

“Wearing a Bear” pairs P.O.S’s punchy raps with an forceful-yet-buoyant beat produced by fellow Doomtree member Lazerbeak, mixed by Lizzo and Polica collaborator BJ Burton. “Hashtag #BlackLives,” P.O.S raps, “Some of y’all indifferent / some of y’all don’t give a sh*t / Some of y’all don’t f*ck with it.” While the lyrical theme may weigh heavy, P.O.S brings a lightness to the track with laughter and on-the-spot playfulness.

The new track follows a nine-minute “Sleepdrone/Superposition” epic released back in March featuring Lizzo, Astronautalis, Allan Kingdom, Hard_r (P.O.S’s son, Jake), riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna, Eric Mayson, Lydia Liza and Nicholas L. Perez, and “Wave,” released in May.

No word on specific album details yet, but if the incisive “Wearing a Bear” and poignant “Sleepdrone/Superposition” are any indication, P.O.S’s next album will be one of the most energetic and thoughtful releases of his already impressive repertoire.