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Prince’s family announce official tribute concert Oct. 13 at U.S. Bank Stadium

Prince in concert at Paisley Park, courtesy the venue

According to the Associated Press, members of Prince’s family are planning an authorized tribute concert for Thursday, Oct. 13 at U.S. Bank Stadium — the Minnesota Vikings’ brand-new home in Minneapolis. Performers will be announced gradually, the family told the AP, and tickets will go on sale some time next month.

“We are excited for the opportunity to bring everyone together for the official family celebration of Prince’s life, music and legacy, and there is no better place to do it than his hometown of Minneapolis,” the family told the AP. “We are honored by the artists who will pay tribute and grateful to those that have worked so hard to make this celebration possible.”

Since shortly after Prince’s death, the family have been saying they’re working on an official tribute concert, likely with longtime friend and collaborator Sheila E. as music director and “all the original people” joining in. Those original people might include Prince associates such as the Revolution — his Purple Rain backing band — who are playing three reunion concerts at First Avenue in September.

“I support any and all Memorials or Funerals that have happened and/or are being planned,” wrote Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson in May. She wrote that she only planned to attend a single public tribute, because “I feel that once…is enough.”

  • Jeffrey Neau

    Proceeds donated to…?

    • Elle

      well that’s a no brainer, hahaha.

    • This is your Mom

      The performers and other costs associated with the event?

    • doctor yaa

      I hope the proceeds will be used toward the payment of estate taxes and the preservation of Paisley Park.

  • Lisa Lake

    Will this be televised for those of us that can’t get to the show?

  • Jenifer C

    Please televise!!

  • Jayne

    I truly hope this tribute gets televised. There are many hard core fans (like me), who would love to see this and can’t get to Minnesota. We are all still hurting over Prince’s death.

    • This is your Mom

      I’d be more than willing to pay a pay per view fee to get the concert.

      • Angela Gardner Sellers

        I agree I would too

    • Marlene Foster

      I agree…I would love to attend this memorial but would not be able to make it, which makes me real sad. I have said time and again, I am taking Prince’s passing really hard, and one of my biggest regrets is not having the blessing to meet him in person. I love him as if I knew him personally, and I miss him so much. :’-(

      • Debbie Godfrey

        Hi Marlene. I feel you. I am missing our purple badness as well. We have to stick together. We are Prince’s purple army. I’m having a bad time understanding his passing. It’s so unreal. It really hurts


    • Pennie Warren-Myers

      It’s not being televised

      • Haddie Jean Lewis

        Where did that confirmation come from??? I haven’t heard or read anything. I live in Minneapolis. Pay Per view would make money. Possibly his siblings as well.

  • Cynthia Saunders

    Wow, I am so excited. I would love to make that trip it’s my birthday month. This will be a fantastic treat. Look out Minneapolis here I come.??????

  • Colleen Matheu

    I love prince..❤️I love all his songs and I definitely would love to go to this event..I wished I only had the chance to had met him ?Great entertainer..singer..dancer..
    Performer..guitarist..just an awesome musician.. He has a beautiful heart a really True caring person..so so sad he’s not here..Rip Prince xoxo ?☔️??

  • Shelley

    I am in the UK please televise this event, pay per view whatever I would be so devastated to miss this event.

  • Haddie Jean Lewis

    The family may keep those memorials. They can’t get any money, broke!!! I don’t believe his friends performing expect payment. And the ticket sales may cover the use of the stadium. And friends helped financially. Because I remember Tyka saying this could turn out to be profitable. I can’t recall the wording. In so many words benefit them. George Lopez borrowed the family $20,000. Don’t give until it’s clear where the money goes. I don’t trust them.

    • Debbie Godfrey

      Hello prince fan. I read that Teka Nelson will not be attending any memorial concerts award shows if any. Becase once was enoughh for her. I don’t know about you but I need some type of closure. I’m going to Washington DC on September 3, to a fan’s gathering a purple party. Maybe that would help. I pray that this tribute go on like they plan in minneapolis at the stadium October 13. I will be there


  • Pennie Warren-Myers

    Download periscope. I’m sure someone will broadcast it

  • Jayne

    I have given this plenty long hard thoughts, my conclusion is that Prince is no longer with us physically, and no one can replace him, ever. I’ve watched the award shows have people giving tributes in their own way and to me, it was not the same. I get more satisfaction from watching Prince’s old YouTube performances more so than others trying to imitate him. I know for sure, if and when Paisley Park becomes a museum, I will definitely make it very possible to see where he lived, I sure will enjoy that. In his wise words of wisdom, Prince always said “anyone who tries to play me are playing themselves.”

    • Debbie Godfrey

      Hello Jayne
      I still tripping over it all. I’m planning to fly to the tribute Teka Nelson is planning on October13. I hope it’s true? Have you heard the news? And I’m going to visit paisley park. Coming From Virginia Beach. I just need to be near somewhere he was.. I can’t believe he’s gone..it’s so real… But you’re right about Prince quote. Anybody try to play him are playing themselves. There will never be another royal badness like our Prince.
      I MISS HIM SO MUCH!? but he will always be in our purple hearts

      • Jayne

        Hi Debbie, Are they allowing people to visit Paisley Park, I thought it was considered a crime scene? Prince is like a drug to me right now, I cannot get enough of watching him on YouTube, and of course the tears flow like a river when he ends most of his shows with Purple Rain and he always said “I Love This Song” and sometimes he said “Sing With Me”. I have all his CD’s, I have many T-shirts with different pictures of him on them, several pieces of Jewelry, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. I can’t shake this one at all. Another thing he said a lot at the beginning of his shows is “Y’all Ready” ……. I wasn’t ready for his sudden death. I actually went to bed this morning around 3:30 after being up watching new videos that are uploaded. I’m sure they might hand out some of his memorabilia at the tribute even if it’s a guitar pick or something, that I will miss. Paisley Park is definitely on for me. There will never be another, NOTHING COMPARES TO PRINCE. ……damn I could write a book.

        • Debbie Godfrey

          When are the tickeks going on sell
          Thanks Debbie

          • Debbie Godfrey

            Hi Jayne. Sorry just getting back to our discussion. Hope you’re feeling better. At sometime of our lives” this share get better. I’ve been thinking about our situations all day. In the middle of taking care of my personal life and trying to keep it together wanting this to be a nitemare we’ll wake up and Prince wouldl be here. It’s like someone is hiding our purple badness away from us. Hope I don’t sound crazy? I’ve been looking at Prince movies,music,pictures as well. If you don’t mind maybe we can talk over the phone. Let me know I have a sirry I can tell you about once meeting Prince… Let me know


          • Debbie Godfrey

            Goodmorning Janye. Hope everything is going well? Was just thinking of our Prince. I’m still in disbelief. It’s a beautiful day here in Virginia beach. Wish Prince was here. May he rest in ✌. Have a great Friday

        • Debbie Godfrey

          It’s me again. Janye damn let me know when you write this book. I would love to but it. Looking at under the cherry moon. He is so fine. I just love him so much. You ok?

  • Debbie Godfrey

    What’s the latest information on prince tribute concert in minneapolis?

  • Haddie Jean Lewis

    Hi from Minneapolis,
    This is the latest news. Paisley Park Museum’s first tour day is October 6th. Tickets are on sale now through 12/31/16. General Admission is $38.50 the tour is 70 minutes. Once the $38.50 tickets are sold out. They will be $50.00. VIP ADMISSION is $100.00 with 100 minute tour. It will include a few more locations to see and Memorabilia. I believe everyone in VIP tour groups will recieve a souvenir such as a t-shirt. Maybe a poster. Only vegetarian food and non alcoholic drinks will be served

    Groups of 50 will go in every 15 minutes. So if your coming with friends. I would purchase at once to be together. I believe the website is http://www.officialpaisleypark.com If I am wrong I apologize. Or Google it!!

    The Tribute/Memorial set for October 13th, 2016
    Tickets have NOT gone on sale yet!!….smdh
    SO far confirmed to perform are my High School Classmates “MINT CONDITION “. THAT’S ALL I KNOW AT THE MOMENT.
    Paisley Park had to open up tours asap. The Estate is in 2 million dollars in debt in attorney fees. That’s only April to June. July and August haven’t been added on yet. Otherwise Paisley Park would’ve been lost….sold!!! So the family is saving his home for fans. And the PP tour money for debts owed.
    As far as the stadium. I believe that goes to the stadium for the use. A rental fee it cost to open it up. Lighting, food stands, clean up, employees ect..