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The Revolution will reunite to honor Prince’s legacy September 2 and 3 at First Avenue

“With profound loss and apocalyptic grief, we, along with the world, mourned Prince upon the news of his passing. After seeing the response outside of First Avenue and around the rest of the world’s monuments, we, as The Revolution — Wendy, Lisa, Brownmark, Dr. Fink, and Bobby Z — have decided to pay tribute to Prince at home in the city of Minneapolis.”

— The Revolution

The artists who were at Prince’s side as he catapulted to international superstardom — and who had a hand in putting Minneapolis and First Avenue on the map with Purple Rain — are reuniting to put on a pair of shows this September that can only be described as historic.

Much in the same spirit as the stellar NPG tribute shows at the Parkway Theater last month and Sheila E’s rigorous eight-minute tour de force at the BET Awards, the Revolution will provide fans with an opportunity to hear Prince’s music from the very people who helped create it — and to collectively grieve, dance, sing, and celebrate with the artists who knew him best.

Wendy, Lisa, Brownmark, Dr. Fink, and Bobby Z will be joined by Dez Dickerson (the first guitarist to tour with Prince behind his solo material in the late 1970s and early ’80s) and Prince’s childhood friend, bandmate, and onetime roommate André Cymone. The shows will take place in the First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3.

The Revolution first announced they were reuniting in the days following Prince’s death on April 21, and fans have been eagerly waiting to see when and how they would re-emerge on stage. Plans have yet to solidify for any career-spanning hometown tribute shows or family-sanctioned public memorials, but these gigs by the Revolution and artists from such a formative time in Prince’s life should help to provide fans with some much-needed closure following an intense grieving process here in the Twin Cities.

As First Avenue General Manager Nate Kranz aptly stated in today’s press release, “When we first spoke to The Revolution, and the conversation turned to a possible reunion, it only seemed natural to bring them to First Avenue — to bring them home.”

Tickets for both nights of “An Evening with The Revolution” featuring Wendy, Lisa, Brownmark, Dr. Fink, and Bobby Z, with special guests Dez Dickerson and André Cymone, go on sale this Friday, July 8, 2016 at 11 a.m. CT. The Current’s pre-sale begins Thursday, July 7 at 10 a.m. CT. Sign up for Cross Currents to receive the pre-sale password on Thursday morning before tickets go on sale. General admission tickets are $65, and VIP tickets are available for $99. VIP allows early access to the venue for a reception with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. VIP includes a limited edition commemorative laminate for the event.

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  • evilnerd


    • Bob Linder

      I got an email saying CODE: MPLSSound…. This is an email from First Avenue…

      • Scarlett Doran Ferguson

        I’ve been entering that and it keeps saying it is an incorrect code. Did it work for you?

        • Man, I am so sad I can’t get through.

          • Scarlett Doran Ferguson

            About 30 minutes ago, I called the number at the bottom of the ad above where it says how to buy tickets and I GOT 4 TICKETS – try that!!! It is for ETIX. (I trust that if it is in the ad for the concert, that it is valid)

          • Scarlett Doran Ferguson

            Also – I think you have to give them the code to buy today. I said MPLSSOUND and it worked on the phone while it didn’t work on the site.

          • IT WORKED! VIP are sold out but i got reg tix! Thank you ever so much.

          • Scarlett Doran Ferguson

            Yay for us! Can’t wait!!!

    • Bob Linder


  • Melanie

    It says Presale tickets are available today on the website but here it says the Presale tickets are on Thursday ?

    • Julien Caesar

      Must be a typo.. the First Ave. site says tomorrow..

      • Melanie

        Yea they just updated it it was saying Wednesday the 6th

        • Julien Caesar

          know the presale code? I signed up but still haven’t received it..

          • Melanie

            No I think they’ll send it just before tickets go on sale I’m hoping! I’ll keep you updated if I do find out!

  • Julien Caesar

    Yes yes and more yes…
    one way or another I’ll be there… even though I’m still broke from our last visit.. last month… Hitch hiked from Halfiax NS..over 2,061 miles to place a tshirt at PP… was the trip of a ife time..Been a fan since 82..

    Walking tru First Ave. was like walking thru a church… plus got to meet Jelly bean Johson.. Sonny T at Bunkers.. the last night we were there.. and to top it off jammed Purple Rain with a band at the R&R Hall of fame on the way home..
    Check out my pictures.. at


    • Lisa Peter

      Julien…glad you enjoyed your trip to Minneapolis and were able to visit PP. My son lives in Halifax, NS ( moved there in 2010 from Minneapolis ). If you get down here again for the shows, send me a message and let me know. Would love to meet such a hardcore fan.

      • Julien Caesar

        Very cool,
        next time you talk to you son ask him if he knows Caesar.. we might have met… If you are a facebook kinda person..check out the group I started a couple of days after Prince passed away…


    • Marlene Rehberg

      Julien Caesar, what a small world. I see you know my cousin Shantel Waddell. I’m trying to get tix today too. Hopefully you get down to Minnesota again. Good Luck!

      • Julien Caesar

        Not sure How I know your cousin.. does she live in Halifax? I looked for her on my friends list but don’t recognize the last name… but is a small world.. :) One day we’ll be back.. miss out on concert tix.. and now plenty online for $400.. what a joke.

        • Marlene Rehberg

          Sorry! Her name on fb is Shantel Marie. Yeah, I tried this morning to buy tix myself. The damn site wouldn’t accept my postal code. So i used a friends in the states and sure enough it went thru. Once I got to the checkout page and entered my cc info an error popped up. B/c my address on my cc was different than the address I said I lived at.(b/c I was using my friends address) Which in turn knocked me off the page as my time ran out. I tried again but tix were sold out. I even called the venue. No luck. I’m do pissed.

          • Julien Caesar

            I hear ya.. such a disappointment here’s hoping that they do more shows and tour.!

          • Julien Caesar

            OH and yeah Shantel and I been face book buds for a while.. small world.. :)

  • Michelle Basart

    Thank U

  • Marsha Jennifer West

    Was this the major concert announcement that happened at 9:00 am today?

  • Kristen Fischer

    This is what we have been waiting for. A fantastic show to honor a legend gone way too soon.

  • Sharon Johnson

    I don’t see VIP tickets on the Presale Page! What gives?

    • SINY

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • Julien Caesar

      Anyone know the presale code? I signed up but still haven’t received it..

      • ExStewSteph

        It came through very early this morning via email. Tickets sold out in a few minutes. :(

  • Julien Caesar

    presale code? I signed up but still haven’t received it..

  • MAT

    Sort of ticked off. Was in the paying screen and got booted out.

  • Melanie

    Was anyone able to get tickets?

    • MAT

      No, was entering my cc number and the screen blipped and I was out.

      • Melanie

        Apparently they are sold out of Presale tickets

    • carebearz

      I actually got tickets this am. Received the newsletter with the presale code and managed to get 2 VIP’s!! So excited!

  • Leah

    Tried and tried to get tickets, every single time got a message that there were not enough tickets for my request (only trying for 2). What’s the deal??? How can tickets be gone in a couple minutes?

    • SINY

      I had the same problem. I tried ordering the second they went on sale. I was on the phone AND online. Unfortunately eTix (phone) would only take “Artist” presale code, which I didn’t have, and not The Current presale code. By the time I got through the online queue the tickets were gone. Very disappointing. I’m guessing luck won’t be any better tomorrow!

    • Melanie

      When did you call ? I tried calling and they said sold out

  • GratefullyRed1

    I called Etix and they helped me buy them over the phone.1-800-514-3849

  • Colette

    I just got tickets on 1800 number on flyer. I called prior and told none available. Called again and got tickets 5 minutes ago. Suggest calling number. I tried all morning online and no luck, need MPLSSound code.