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Friday Five: Bruise Violet, Rogue Valley, and more new Minnesota music videos

Bruise Violet perform at Duluth's The Red Herring in July 2016. Photo by Jay Gabler/MPR.

Bruise Violet, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” (Beyoncé cover)

Loring Park enjoyed an optimal double feature on Monday; Big Cats and crew played a live score to Man With a Movie Camera, and Bruise Violet debuted this fierce Beyoncé cover.

Rogue Valley, “Bury Your Heart”

Rogue Valley (along with director Stephanie Johnson, producer Bobbi Peacock, and cinematographer Eric Schleicher) share a video one of the most slow-burning songs off radiate/dissolve.

Tabah, “Central Why?”

Tabah, five talented musicians from the Twin Cities, played a standout set at the Local Show’s Artists to Watch. Now, they’re sharing a video of one of their best songs.

GYM, “Break Down”

According to Greenroom Magazine, Gym Kang (better known as GYM) played a show in Minneapolis last November, and it went so well that he decided to stay a bit longer. Now, he’s dropped his first video, an AutoTune-laced R&B saga. Catch him at Sophia Eris’s album release show on September 17 (also featuring Saint LaRon, Ness Nite, and Alibaster Jones).

First Dates, “Melville’s Theme”

First Dates are Aaron Rosell (keyboards & auxiliary) and Shawn Bortel (drums & percussion), and the instrumental duo is making music so beautiful you should probably sit down while you listen. Dan Huiting (Bon Iver, Sylvan Esso) shot and directed the drone footage of Minnesota’s North Shore.