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Friday Five: Haley Bonar, Tickle Torture, and more new Minnesota music videos

Haley Bonar, “I Can Change”

Haley Bonar and team are pulling on the heartstrings these days. In “I Can Change,” inner demons dog a father (and, by extension, his family).

Tickle Torture, “Full Court Press (feat. Velvet Negroni)

Tickle Torture‘s “Full Court Press,” featuring Velvet Negroni (a.k.a. Spyder Baybie a.k.a. Jeremy Nutzman), is a jam. It should be, since it’s an homage to Prince and his legacy; filmed in Chanhassen and outside of First Avenue, the song features plenty of dancing and drum pad fire.

 Tony the Scribe, “Checkmate”

Tony the Scribe is “living in between the mean reds and deep blues” in “Checkmate,” the first video to be released from his Mixed Blood EP. Figure skater/ceramist Ashley Schilling and digital video artist May Waver complete the creative team.

 Fiji-13, “Taco Shack”

Fiji-13, a new surf/punk band out of Minneapolis, shares their taco-honoring video ahead of their August 26 Eagles Club release show.

Animal Lover, “Dreamhouse”

The new animated video for the latest single by Minneapolis buzz-punks Animal Lover is pretty chill, if you can stop your head banging long enough to watch it.