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Har Mar Superstar says GAYNGS are coming back in new configuration, channeling ’90s R&B sound

A lot of news came out of the Eaux Claires festival this weekend: an entire new album premiered live by Bon Iver, a surprise visit by Chance the Rapper, and onstage collaborations galore. One detail that escaped many fans’ notice in the flood: GAYNGS are coming back, in a new configuration. The Minneapolis-based supergroup — anchored by producer Ryan Olson and previously featuring members of Solid Gold and Bon Iver, including Justin Vernon — are working on new music.

Har Mar Superstar dropped the revelation during an interview with Jade (The Current) and Tarik (Radio Milwaukee) at the festival on Friday, before playing a raucous set that evening. Watch the full interview on The Current’s Facebook page.

“We’re kind of, like, finishing phase two of, kind of, GAYNGS, I think, if you call it that — but it’s a different thing,” said Har Mar. “It’s called LeRon; the GAYNGS symbol will probably be in the O. We’ve been writing a lot of songs; it’s a lot more like early ’90s R&B this time around.” (LeRon is P.O.S’s given middle name, and has been an alter ego for the Doomtree rapper.)

Har Mar says that “a lot of the same musicians” will be featured in LeRon, including himself, P.O.S, and Velvet Negroni — with contributions from new members including Lizzo. “There’s a lot of songs, so hopefully sometime in the next year you might hear that stuff.”

P.O.S was among the 24 musicians on the one album released by GAYNGS: Relayted (2010). Har Mar and Velvet Negroni (then known as Spyder Baybie Rawdog) joined the group in its touring configuration. P.O.S recently reminisced about how, at the “Last Prom on Earth” release show for the album, Prince showed up and plugged in a guitar — though he never actually stepped on stage.

The new LeRon music is “something to get excited about,” says Har Mar. “I’m excited.”