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Keith Ellison writes letter supporting Minnesota music

On Saturday night at the Cedar Cultural Center, ten up-and-coming local artists played The Local Show’s Artists to Watch showcase. In honor of the occasion, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison — whose congressional district includes the City of Minneapolis — penned a letter supporting the artists, and local music generally.

The letter was read onstage at the Cedar by Nicky Leingang, a member of BOYF who also works in Ellison’s office. The letter, addressed to the event’s attendees, reads in part, “The acts we are celebrating this evening make Minnesota a place of innovation, creativity and beauty. This concert is a perfect representation of the way music can invigorate, inspire, and transcend.”

Ellison goes on to name-check each of the artists who performed at the show: “Lexii Alijai, Holidae, Lady Midnight, Tabah, Tony Peachka, Good Night Gold Dust, Ana Tuiran, Fraea, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, and another band who is very good, but whose name I shouldn’t print on Congressional letterhead.” (That would be Porno Wolves.)

Read the complete letter below, and check out Cecilia Johnson’s recap of Saturday’s show — with photos by Emmet Kowler, on the Local Current blog.

Keith Ellison Artists to Watch letter