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Listen to a new Dessa song, ‘Quinine’

Publicity photo by Bill Phelps

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we’ve heard new music from Dessa. She’s certainly remained busy since then, touring non-stop across the U.S. and Europe (she’s in Bari, Italy, tonight, and London on Tuesday), and even partnering with Izzy’s to create a new flavor of ice cream.

On her new track, “Quinine,” Dessa teamed up with both Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak to create a hypnotic and atmospheric pop song. In some ways, it’s classic Dessa — there are kites, there is existential dread, there is a ghost from her past clouding her mind and messing with her ability to get to sleep. But there is also something new here: an exploration of a more mellow side of her pop songwriting, and a willingness to showcase a quieter side of her voice. It’s an unassuming little song, but after a few listens I can feel it creeping up into the back of my mind and making itself at home.

Dessa will return home to play the Red Herring Block Party in Duluth on September 3 and the O’Shaughnessy in St. Paul on Friday, September 9.