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Music News: Dixie Chicks cover ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ at Minnesota State Fair

On Saturday and Sunday, the Dixie Chicks became the first act to headline the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on back-to-back nights since Alabama did so in 1988. In addition to covering Fleetwood Mac (their hit version of “Landslide”), Bob Dylan (“Mississippi”), and Beyoncé (“Daddy Lessons”), the Chicks paid tribute to Prince with moving covers of “Nothing Compares 2 U.” (City Pages)

CMJ Music Marathon future in doubt

Adam Klein, CEO of CMJ, says that the annual New York City music marathon will “absolutely happen this year” — but some observers aren’t so sure. The website hasn’t been updated in months, and Pitchfork cites “several industry sources” who say the marathon isn’t happening this year. Among the challenges facing CMJ: a $1 million lawsuit from a company that loaned money to CMJ in anticipation of a possible merger that never happened. (Pitchfork)

Obama remembers Gabriel

Barack Obama has paid tribute to late Mexican music icon Juan Gabriel — “one of the greats of Latin music,” says the president. (Billboard)

All of Mexico has been mourning Gabriel; as the New York Times puts it, “it is difficult to overstate the popularity in Mexico of Juan Gabriel, whose music tapped a deeply sentimental vein in Mexican culture. His appeal transcended regional, racial and class boundaries in an otherwise stratified and fractured society.”

New Wilco song

Wilco have shared “Someone to Lose,” a track from their forthcoming album Schmilco. The album comes out Sept. 9; two other songs from the album have previously been released. (Rolling Stone)

Miranda Lambert to receive first Merle Haggard Award

Miranda Lambert will be the first recipient of the Merle Haggard Spirit Award, an honor created by the Academy of Country Music to recognize “uncompromising artists” in the vein of the late country icon. (Rolling Stone)

Ek weds

When you’re the CEO of Spotify, who comes to your wedding? When Daniel Ek tied the knot in Italy this weekend, the guest list included Mark Zuckerberg and the officiant, according to a photo caption that may or may not have been tongue-in-cheek, was Chris Rock. The wedding singer? Bruno Mars, of course. (Billboard)

Swift does her civic duty

Even Taylor Swift has to answer the call when her name comes up for jury duty. On Monday in Nashville, Swift reported for duty — but ultimately was not selected as a juror. (Billboard)

Newest music fad: LED masks

Kelly Rowland and Katy Perry are reportedly among the fans of LED masks, which are thought to boost collagen while being less invasive than skin peels and other treatments. Billboard talked with Shani Darden, the aesthetician — a former Destiny’s Child backup dancer — who’s been recommending the masks to her celebrity clients.