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Music News: Pink Floyd fly a pig to announce museum exhibit

courtesy Pink Floyd

When you’re Pink Floyd, how do you announce a museum exhibit dedicated to your career? You fly an inflatable pig, of course. A balloon floating over the Victoria & Albert Museum accompanied the announcement of The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, a career-spanning show that will “include 350 items of band ephemera — instruments, posters, handwritten lyrics, artwork, and more.” The exhibit will open in London next May. (Pitchfork)

Meanwhile, the always-innovative Björk held a press conference in electronic avatar form for the opening of her Björk Digital exhibit in London. “Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems,” said the Icelandic pathbreaker. (Pitchfork)

Uniforms by Ye?

Kanye West wants to do his part to end “classism and bullying” worldwide: the rapper and fashion designer wants to make school uniforms for all the students in his native Chicago. It’s “just a starting point,” West acknowledged. (TMZ)

Today’s litigation news

Over 200 musicians have signed an amicus brief supporting Robin ThickePharrell, and T.I. in their effort to overturn the verdict holding Thick and Pharrell liable for damages after a jury concluded they infringed a Marvin Gaye copyright with their hit “Blurred Lines.”

The Go-Go’sJohn Oates, and members of Fall Out Boy and Tears for Fears are among those who signed the brief — which reads in part, “One can only imagine what our music would have sounded like if David Bowie would have been afraid to draw from Shirley Bassey, or if the Beatles would have been afraid to draw from Chuck Berry, or if Elton John would have been afraid to draw from the Beatles, or if Elvis Presley would have been afraid to draw from his many influences.” (Rolling Stone)

A jury has dismissed a claim that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine duped a former business partner — Noel Lee of the Monster audio cable company — out of a share of the proceeds when they sold Beats to Apple, a deal that yielded a tidy profit for the Beats owners. (Billboard)

Blind Melon have sued singer Mandy Jiroux and her collaborators over a new recording of a track called “Insane.” Blind Melon say that they granted permission for the recording in the understanding that Jiroux was making a cover of their signature hit “No Rain” — but what Jiroux et al did instead was to create what’s essentially a new song (with some new lyrics, a new beat, and a new title) that incorporates portions of “No Rain.” The band’s surviving members (singer Shannon Hoon died in 1995) say they did not intend to grand permission for the new, derivative track. (Billboard)

DJ Shadow selling records

DJ Shadow will sell “hundreds of records from his personal collection,” reports Rolling Stone, at an L.A. pop-up shop the mixmaster is hosting with Madlib on Sept. 10 and 11. “Think of it as a year-long thrift-store hunt consolidated into two days,” says Shadow.

New “TVC15”

An alternate mix of the David Bowie track “TVC15” has been released prior to its inclusion on the forthcoming box set Who Can I Be Now? The set will probe deeply into Bowie’s mid-1970s output; the alternate mix was created by producer Harry Maslin in 2010 in an attempt to capture the drier sound that Bowie had said he’d intended for the Station to Station song. Hear the alternate mix at Pitchfork.

Today’s Beatles news

The Beatles have released a new mix of a live recording of “Boys” — with Ringo Starr taking lead vocals on the Shirelles cover — from a 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert. The new mix offers a preview of the entire remixed, remastered Live at the Hollywood Bowl album, which comes out Sept. 9 to coincide with the release of Eight Days a Week, a Ron Howard documentary about the band’s touring years. Hear “Boys” at Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, back in 2016, Paul McCartney joined Bon Jovi and Jimmy Buffet at a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign — playing a few hits and even taking a spin on the dance floor with the Democratic nominee. “This is the first time I’ve paid to hear myself sing,” quipped McCartney. (Billboard)