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Paisley Park to open for public tours, starting Oct. 6

Paisley Park in July 2016 (Jay Gabler/MPR)

The Bremer Trust, which is managing Prince’s affairs as the late music icon’s estate makes its way through probate court, has announced that it’s partnering with Prince’s family and with the City of Chanhassen to open Paisley Park for public tours. The tours are expected to begin on Oct. 6, with $38.50 as the standard ticket price. Tours will last approximately 70 minutes, and a “VIP Experience” tour will be offered for “$100 or more.”

“Opening Paisley Park is something that Prince always wanted to do and was actively working on,” said Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson in a statement. “Only a few hundred people have had the rare opportunity to tour the estate during his lifetime. Now, fans from around the world will be able to experience Prince’s world for the first time as we open the doors to this incredible place.”

A business plan and rezoning proposal have been submitted to the City of Chanhassen. The city planning commission will consider the proposal on Sept. 20, and mayor Denny Laufenburger says he’s asked for the city council to convene on Oct. 3 for a special meeting to consider the matter. “I believe that the plans for Paisley Park are in full accordance with Prince’s wishes,” writes Laufenburger in a letter to the community. “He knew exactly how to showcase his production studio for his fans in preparation for this eventual outcome.”

The Bremer Trust says it’s working with Prince’s family to develop an advisory council to “provide valuable input on the entire experience.” In a press release, the Trust says that “guided tours will take visitors throughout the extensive main floor of Paisley Park, including the recording and mixing studios where Prince recorded, produced and mixed most of his biggest hits. Tours will also include Prince’s video editing suites, rehearsal rooms, private NPG Music Club, and a massive soundstage and concert hall where he rehearsed for tours and held exclusive private events and concerts. Also featured will be thousands of artifacts from Prince’s personal archives, including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, artwork, rare music and video recordings, concert memorabilia, automobiles and motorcycles.”

Comparisons have frequently been made between Paisley Park and Elvis Presley’s estate Graceland — which now operates as a busy and profitable museum — and appropriately, a subsidiary of Graceland Holdings will be involved with the management of Paisley Park as a museum, bringing its expertise and even putting up the initial funding for the enterprise. The business plan for Paisley Park cites Graceland as a point of reference for matters ranging from the average number of guests per car to maintaining relationships with civic authorities.

Among the other details that can be gleaned from the business plan: Paisley Park is expected to be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, 9 a.m. to midnight on weekends. Up to 2,000 visitors are expected each day. There will be food and merch — and the facility will continue to occasionally operate as a recording studio and concert venue, though the business plan emphasizes that no such activity has yet been booked or is planned until “at least March 2017.” The business plan suggests that Paisley Park’s exterior round building may be “completed,” and that “limited occupancy lodging” may be developed on the property in the future. (This could be for staff, family, or musicians — not necessarily for public rental.)

Tickets will go on sale starting this Friday at 2:00 p.m. CDT via officialpaisleypark.com. The press release also promises that details will soon be forthcoming on the Oct. 13 official tribute concert being planned for U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. No ticket or lineup details for that concert have yet been announced. In the meantime, Prince fans are preparing to welcome his Purple-Rain-era band the Revolution to First Avenue for three shows on Sept. 1-3.

  • Haddie Jean Lewis

    It’s exciting news. Why the hurry to do so. Investigations is still going on. It hasn’t even been a year since Prince passed away.
    This is arranged. But his memorial has no line up details or ticket information. That should be first priority.

    • Yuppy guppy

      Agreed – let’s find his murderer first.

    • Biggi Ortiz
    • LuxLuxLux

      The tribute concert seems a bit poorly organised. They should’ve secured artists before announcing. Amazed by how swift the museum thing has been sorted out but they know everyone will want to see Paisley & they are striking while the oven’s hot so to attract as many people as possible, including non fans who just want to nosey around.

      • Haddie Jean Lewis


  • LuxLuxLux

    I get the need for cash but surely wait until the investigation is done & so things can be set up the way Prince wanted it (read he had a lot of specific ideas for the museum which won’t be in place by October). Hope they keep the apartment off limits. It would’ve been a good idea to start this next June on his birthday maybe. I hope the elevator is off limits. according to Dr. Funk podcast someone seems to have suggested putting the urn by the elevator. Since Prince was already in the process of mixing the P&M show for release why couldn’t they just finish that & release it? I really hope the merch isn’t tacky like what they had at his family & friends memorial.

    Ugh, mixed feelings. Worried it’s going to attract the wrong people who just want pics of the elevator & that type of thing.

    • Haddie Jean Lewis

      I’m hoping the elevator will be off limits. I hear we won’t see it. It leads to his living area.

      • Deborah Jackson

        The upstair bedroom and bathroom in Graceland where Elvis Presley supposedly died were off limits to tourists as so the Elevator in Paisley Park should be also I don’t think Prince would want it to be used anyway he never made it out of it

        • Haddie Jean Lewis

          Exactly right!!! It will be respectful to Prince.

      • Debbie Godfrey

        Hi Haddie. Was trying to talk with you earlier but loss my information. Thanks for all the information you’re sending out. I’m from Virginia Beach VA. I’m flying out on 13 Oct. I’m having a rough time with our Prince leaving us. I need some type of closure. Visting his White Mansion. Taking the tour. Do you know of anymore events. Please let me know. This will be my first time in Minn… Can’t wait. Maybe this can bring more some closure. I love him so much. I met him in VA in 2005. What a wonderful man ???????.

        • Haddie Jean Lewis

          Hello Debbie
          October 13th is the official Tribute day for fans at the football stadium. Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. Keep up with Tyka on Facebook for more details. I am applying to work at Paisley Park. My Facebook is under my name Haddie Jean Willis.

          Take cate

          • Debbie Godfrey

            Thank you for getting back to me Haddie. I hope all goes well with you working at Paisley Park.?
            I’m flying in on 10-12. Hopefully I’ll be able to connect with you on Facebook or when I arrive. I’m so excited. How can I purchase tickets for the Paisley Park tour? Have you been yet? I never been there before, so I was hopeing you can share with some exciting things to do in Minneapolis…

            Take care
            Goodluck !

          • Debbie Godfrey

            Sorry Haddie just received your information. Thanks girl you are on it! My face book is under my name Debbie Godfrey I haven’t been up there in a while, but I will make it a point to do so NOW. I work alot and trying to stay incontact of what’s going on. I am so grateful to have met you.

            Take to you soon

          • Haddie Jean Lewis

            Tours start Oct 6th. And I’m not sure if I will go the first day. I may wait longer. They maybe more organized then. Tickets for tours can be purchased at http://www.officialpaisleypark.com
            Let me know what day you plan to take your tour. They have a $38.50 and $100.00 VIP rate. The VIP is a extra 30 mins. See extra areas basically no biggy. The Tribute concert the 13th. You picked a perfect time to come. Be sure bring a jacket it maybe cool here.
            Remember we have the biggest mall. Mall of America ?

          • Haddie Jean Lewis

            I requested you on FB. I hope it’s your page. No profile photo right??

        • Haddie Jean Lewis

          Hi Debbie,
          Are you on facebook? If so let me know your user name. I’ll friend request you. And I have a Prince group. Alot of information there. Oct 13th is a Thursday. Maybe if possible I can meet you. In August I met a couple new friends from Facebook that flew in. Another friend from VA. I believe. Her drawing of Prince made the news here. I also follow this lady Abigail Noel she’s a Medium. She’s flying in this month with others around the US. We are all meeting at the Carver County Sheriff’s. To Peacefully protest and demand answers the truth. She’s inviting the news outlets to come. We are millions strong and we will get justice for Prince. The gas pedal is down to the floor. And it’s not letting up. Whoever involved will his death will face the music. His right hand man Kirk, his chef’s husband and wife team, the coroner and possibly Tyka. People are bought everyday!!! His chefs were about to loose there buisness, Kirk was jealous and demoted, Tyka may have known he wanted his money to go the Kingdom Jehovah Witness church he attended. And children’s charities. He didn’t want his family to get a penny. Warner Brothers I know want the vault. That’s worth more than the masters. There’s a Will. A well known investigator, author is on the hunt for it. He has a team he hired. Spain and Canada are places he will be searching. There’s so much going on now it’s crazy. You can friend request me as well under my name on Facebook. Btw next June on prince’s birthday we will be meeting to have a memorial, vigil. Take a tour of Paisley Park. Some have booked rooms at the Chanhassen Inn. I hope this helps some new things take care.

  • Daphne

    I won’t be one of the first fans there, but next year..l’m there!!!